I am looking for Zanac (msx1) and Zanac Ex (msx2)

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By bsittler

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29-03-2021, 18:16

I use it but from the US. It just became a lot cheaper due to FedEx. See the fee breakdown https://buyee.jp/help/yahoo/guide/fees?lang=en which includes an estimating tool

By uberjack

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29-03-2021, 18:44

andallaco wrote:

I took a look at buyee, it should work with auctions or buy now like in ebay. I think it will be necessary to register on the site. do you have experience on shipping costs from Japan? they are expensive?

You can save some money if you combine items. But because combining also costs money, you'll probably only save if you ship 4/5 at once.

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