Few things 4 sale. incl. GameReader and Vampire Killer SPECIAL EDITION compl.

By LeoM

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17-05-2009, 15:03


I've got a few things for sale:

- MSX GameReader USB for PC
- Vampire Killer SPECIAL EDITION compl.
- Frogger cartridge
- Aventura Na Antártica (Antarctic Adventure - Brazil) Cartridge.
- etc.
- etc.

For a complete list, please click here.

Interested? Contact me: leomsx AT hotmail DOT com



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By rolins

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17-05-2009, 17:33

Hi, I'm interested in the MSX GameReader USB for PC. Smile

How would I play my copy of Snatcher with this, which is a Cartridge and 3x disks? Have you tried using a slot expander with this?

By hap

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17-05-2009, 18:06

Some Gamereader connections do nothing, like audio out, so your Snatcher Sound Cartridge will be silent.

By Abi

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17-05-2009, 18:24

Hi, I am intrested the vampire killer, pls contact me a(dot)vtamelen(at)chello.nl and mail me the price Wink
Oepsie, I overread the link to MP Wink sorry