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By Dhampird

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14-12-2014, 03:20

Cartidge ESE-SCC SRAM 4MB. builded based in original design made by K.Tsujikawa, features:

- Pure SRAM 55 ns., (not Pseudo-RAM designed in original circuit)
- Logic build made with HC types
- Works with MSX enhanced Turbo machines (8Mhz tested!, maybe can reach more speed)
- To avoid problems in sound SCC with Turbo speeds, a 3.58Mhz oscilator is installed inside cartidge at CLK signal= Perfect sound SCC with Turbo Speeds and no need to use the cartidge with 3.58Mhz slowdown slots in Turbo modified machines.
- Battery Switch ON-OFF: 1F Goldcap inside, long capacity capacitor to mantain for a long time games or anothers inside Sram meanwhile Battery Switch will be set in ON position
- Audio Out by Jack Pseudo-stereo, in Switch position OFF we can ear only SCC Sound, with ON position we can ear PSG+SCC sound towards jack stereo out.
- To get PSG only sound towards jack stereo out, according msx machines, PSG should be redirect inside MSX machine to allow goes to cartidge slot like IN and no OUT(msx machines default, ask about this i have a basic diagram to follow for redirection)
- Dedicated sticker.

Videotest ESE-SCC SRAM 4MB. with ROMLOAD loading MG2 and a Turbo Machine at 8Mhz speed:

Make offer to dumpil@gmail.com

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By Retrofan

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14-12-2014, 09:36

mail sent

By gdx

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14-12-2014, 10:45

This is a Megasram made with a SCC cartridge?

By Dhampird

Hero (589)

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14-12-2014, 15:44

Hi, yes, is like a 4Mbit MegaSram build it with SCC.

By Stt1

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14-12-2014, 18:28

Do you have several cartridges for sale? What kind of price range are you targetting into? I'm not going to do blind-bidding...

By Dhampird

Hero (589)

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14-12-2014, 19:29

Hello, i have only this for sale for now, a konami scc cartidge + all components inside make a value among 85€ total, that without value the mounting and test time spent on it. Maybe 150€ can be a high price, but for now is the price i have on mind, according bids by mail i could low the price in some days or let an ebay bidding, anyways i think a correct price should be between 120€-150€, what do you think?

By Stt1

Hero (626)

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14-12-2014, 20:06

It sounds quite fair with the specs described above. I need to consider about this a bit. It's tempting that the cartridge goes fine with the T-R/8MHz machines as well.

By djh1697

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15-12-2014, 18:43

How long does it take to mount & solder the components? usual mark up price for a manufacturer is 50%. i think 135 would be a fair price, depending on the length of time to build. You need to consider the competition, the MegaFlashrom SCC for example

By Dhampird

Hero (589)

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15-12-2014, 22:45

I think same thing, 135€ + shipment cost like final price is ok for me, if anyone is interested on it let me know here or send mail to dumpil@gmail.com

By rolins

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15-12-2014, 23:51

Can the SRAM be used with games that require a PAC to save game data?

By Dhampird

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16-12-2014, 01:55

Not directly, i think is possible use ESE-SCC SRAM to save data, but to do this should ne needed install specific kernel on cartidge SRAM, i´m not sure, i read in msxvillage something about uses ESE-SCC like game master 2 if i´m not wrong, ESE-SCC SRAM have a lot of software features to explore, you can convert ESE-SCC into MSX2DOS cartidge, install different Kernels on it, etc. Read info translated with google from msxvillage (from french to english SCC is CSC RAM, also ESE-SCC is called CSC RAM Disk):


in fact it is a patch for use in a game master 2 Sram CSC
see google translation and see the end use of the game master 2 which is the interesting part

◇ ◇ =============================

New plan dissemination Ver 0.66 Konami cartridge 10 times

CSC RAM Disk sham / sham for

/ Okei be by
◇ ◇ =============================

■ Introduction

The game from Konami, is that there are a lot of new compatible cartridges 10 times.
10 times, the settings of the game (and the stage, remaining life) or may be settled,
The progress of the game disc and S-car with the ability to save to RAM
The ridge. That is, it is now very difficult to obtain. The background such
There Okei information, I created this patch.

■ Features

The 10 new times, but that is what right should be used in mercy.
In short, only 10 times what is new, so no use at their own expense, to change the
Does this mean that you faked it is working.

Increasingly, S-10 new or extended time with the original RAM!
S-space was the original 8kB RAM, S-RAM RAM Fake
From (^ ^ ;! By using the extra space, 32kB huge four times () can be used to

With 8kB traditional "palo (4KB)" Data backup, such as eating space
Round and became a full disk quickly, so calm about all this!
S-1 can be entered all the data in the RAM compatible software.

Sham-10 times the RAM bank 0 to the new B, CF Bank as SRAM

■ what you need

The new ROM dumping files from the cartridge 10 times ◇ KONAMI.

◇ mega-ROM loader (MGLOAD.COM: Does Mr. Tsuji, NGLOAD.COM: in a)

CSC RAM Disk sham / Nickname ◇ 1M or more

◇ MSX-DOS (2)

■ Use

◇ 1: Create or that Wotsuji MGSAVE new ROM file 10 times.

◇ 2: Load the False MGLOAD.COM as a ROM file with a.
New original cartridge 8k bank 10 times without Konami SCC
Software is required to convert to a bank when the load is
Not. This patch should automatically recognize the existence of the bank conversion
Rewrite if necessary.

◇ 3: Under DOS, "ESE-10.COM" Run. New from the slot 10 times
False is finding the series slots are installed
Specified is optional.

I think it is not there 10 times and then install the new multi-thank you
Not all devices may also be specified to force a slot.
What Hatsuji how to specify where it is the same as MGLOAD.

When completing the rewrite. A completion message successfully
A message appears.

◇ 4: Game Pak to play Faux finish the cartridge 10 times
Before di (lower number) to turn to plug in the connector.
Jirere does not work correctly if the parameters of the new game is started 10 times

In addition, the game cartridge 10 times False False installed on CCS
Back storage (number), if you start pointing to the slot,
False functions of a factor of 10, S-RAM only use save / load.
The S-RAM function only if you want a fast start, so here more
I recommend, if you installed the RAM usage is out of mercy
Turn up.

Note ※

ROM file immerse generated by ten, the new RAM and mercy, the False CSC
Bank operations are different. Thus the bank to operate in the converter
I need to be, the bank can convert this patch if necessary
Automatically. Transparent to the user.

What is MGLOAD.COM the bank Tsuji conversion is done. NGLOAD.COM cutting
Conversion is in the bank. Either he charge you to work and it
Able with the new patch is 10 times Bankuko being installed
Bank, if necessary to automatically determine if the request was sent Bad Patch
Converts the. Thus, the charger "MGLOAD" but "NGLOAD" But
You can also use one or the other.

The new ROM file on the cartridge 10 times this emulation MSX patched
To (version checking 98) are supported. We can use the LOAD command SRAM, SAVE is used
Not. The details are unknown, emu hub specifications can.

People who want to use it anyway ■ (for beginners)

First, MSX has sufficient space can launch a DOS floppy
Provided, copy the following files.

"MGSAVE.COM" I said Tsuji (MEGA-SCSI contained in the toolbox)
"MGLOAD.COM" Ibid, cutting, or "NGLOAD.COM"
"ESE-10.COM" I went into the archives of this

MSX-DOS started from a floppy disk, and a new car 10 times more break
1 cartridge in the slot to release the button.

打 Chi 込 Mimasu like that.
mgsave shin-10.knm / S1

Once you turn off the MSX, S to prevent starting of RAM detached Fake
Insert a sham switch to using slots 1, MSX-floppy
Start DOS. If there is no switch does not start, MSX-DOS
Pause, and then again, in the slot a sham, the release of the break

打 Chi 込 Mimasu as follows.
ngload shin-10.knm (and later NGLOAD.COM Ver 1.34)
mgload shin-10.knm / S1 (if MGLOAD.COM)

Then 打 Chi 込 Mimasu as follows.

Turn off the power once inserted in slot 1 is still a lure, and
Start the MSX Konami insert the game cartridge slot 2.
MSX-A1 in the body when using the ST is "Ctrl" while pressing Start.

I will start a new 10 times, according to the menu to start the game.

When you want to load / save the game, "CTRL + STOP" menu and press
Follow it seem. Prepare a disk with enough space
Please have. MEGA-If you have a SCSI card and an expansion slot, RAM and other mercy
Can also be saved on the hard disk.

■ -RAM S starting size

Ver 0.66 patch and the S-RAM format and therefore have such Nonggan
Need to make the S-RAM format does not work.
(Well, is it? ( ^^; )dropoff Window Dattara write, how to format and write a 応 一

A new location 1 first 10 times, showing the game cartridge in slot 2
Turn on the MSX. Will launch a new 10 times.

■ ※ ※ ■ Note

When used in the ST, please remember to use CTRL-up! (Unknown)

If the S-RAM to use the backup function is still 10 times the false
Please pointing to the slot before the cartridge set. 10 times from sham
0-1-2-3 is not because banks and climb in the fall.

Using the new S 10 times during the first and the RAM format. New
The top-10 times the "self" and to choose more than one "DISK UTIL SRAM
ITY "Select the file." FORMAT "Select" Y "to work. For this
Working carpet is complete.

■ New Features 10 times

■ Edit

The new top ten times "CHANGE" in face select, you can set the remaining machines.
However, some games, and people who remain, not things like the concept stage
Yes, this feature does not use such software.

After setting, the "GAME" menu and select a game inserted in slot 2

■ Fully functional game save

STOP for a break from the game disc and save with CTRL Rodomo
Will. The file name is eight characters or 10 times less and give new extension.

This would be registered in the opening game would explode
Can. Please operate on the menu. Similarly the load.
Please prepare a disk with sufficient free space.
It takes a soft, there are several non-compatible software.

■ S-RAM backup function

The software supports the following items. The use varies depending on the game.

★ Parodius, Ambition Gopher
S-RAM savings, when you call a break in F1, S to save,
You can load the L button When the operation is a message to that effect.
★ Solid Snake
During the game, the menus appear in the F5 key to "S-RAM saves" were added
Since the load can now be saved. However, only the first side state saving
Breakfast is careful not to load. Since the points are necessary items
Once you have a backup now leave. Back to top of the road area
Go there, got the item remains unchanged.

Pena Geki ★ (2)
Data team, but progress is saved, you can load.
The team immediately after editing data, progress is not made save after the match

Shalom ★
In some places, you can record the progress of the game.
The eight locations in the game "to save those who are responsible," because you have registered to this place.
"Person responsible for the West" gag Ttemasu name is (laughs).
Load the game title "CONTINUE" made with.

Seal ★ Erugiza
Plane loaded with data editing, you can save.

■ Speed ​​control

Pause: "STOP" button can ask. Unlike the usual pause, the following
Frame advance, you can use idle. "STOP"
During breaks in the light illuminates CAPS.

Frame advance: With the break on the way "; +" single command by pressing the button

Throws: current mechanisms paused, "ESC" Please press. Slow
To enter motion mode. The "INS", "Delete" can adjust the speed.

■ library function display

★ charge of the screen during the game, you can save.

During the game you want to save "STOP" button. And "CTRL"
Load the disc and the Save menu appears. "DISK SAVE" and select the
In addition to "DATA SAVE SCREEN" to select. Then you hear the filename
, Entrance. Saving is now complete.

Road, in the top 10 new times "AUTO" made from. LOAD "RCS
EEN DATA "When selected, output data list screen contained in the disc
Because the data you choose to see. Once loaded, bottom of the "DISP screen
Lay All SCREEN "menu" END "appears, to see the entire screen
On trees, "Show all SCREEN" Please select.

★ Create a screen of the library

Data created in the above functions can be accessed using the BASE.
However, as new data are recorded 10 times in a solid record on the MSX
I need not be converted. The new conversion is done 10 times.

Top 10 new times "AUTO" from data "DATA loading screen" screen
To display. Arrow "END" to fit "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "SPACE"
Press. (Then ( ^^; )dropoff Window as a hidden command on the disc, "*. VRM"
The file name will be generated ones.

Display generated with a database file on the end.
The following programs are OK. "XXXXXXXX" seek to put the name of the file.

If the game ★ MSX1

10 2.2 SCREEN
20 in color,
40 A = INPUT $ (1)

★ MSX2 and beyond

10 5.2 SCREEN
20 15,0,0 COLOR
40 A = INPUT $ (1)

As you can see the program. "* VRM" in the name of the file that MSX
As solid image files, etc. You can also view a regular viewer. Appropriate
Please use the extension and rename it.

■ Features Secret

★ cheat in the game to use, easy to find your hidden operations, adding
Features. However, software that supports this feature is negligible.

To discover a hidden command, when the game starts, "@" key while pressing the star
And. If you support the software, and hidden commands, see the tips to find

Add a hidden feature, just plug the same time slot is OK.

■ Technical Information

The capacity of SRAM is 32k (BANK Ch-FH), 32 the number of files that can be created, 8-bit FAT
Sector 1 128 bits, 255 Total Sectors

BANK C-40FFh 4000h 0h 1h-20h Sekutate file ゙ DIRECTORY
4100h-41FFh 2h-3h 8-bit FAT sector
4200h-43FFh 4h-7h Sector CRC
4400H-8h data area of ​​the sector

■ Biography

Published for the first version 0.33

Ver 0.40 (private)

S is the RAM of the CSC faked · -economy
• Automatic conversion of bank
• Automatic search slots

SRAM bank address is issued to the new C ~ F · 10x, A000h-of BFFFh
4000h-east 5FFFh.
· The A000h SRAM access time is set at the bank 3-BFFFh.
Thank you patch RAM, the result of the automatic determination of the mercy CSC, write to the bank 3.

Ver 0.66

SRAM needs to be done simultaneously with the patch format
Expansion Slot (tested with a primary slot), corresponding to

Promise Ssu ■ (C) or Tsuji (laughs)

This is a free software patch.

Please use this patch at your own risk. Using some form
In case of damage, can not take responsibility for us.

The reproduction, distribution can be made freely. Requires no contact.
But Ssu-mail so you can enjoy happy and position.

10 times the distribution of body new ROM file is patched dangerous to copyright
So it should not Shameless ,.

■ thank you, happy ~ I (T ^ T)

Mr. Okei 下 Satta information is fully appreciated.
What does ¨ ¨ I just wrote a program ( ^^ ; .dropoff Window

Backup tools Mega-ROM, designers and faked RAM,
Thank you to quaternion I Tsuji Ssu.

■ at the end

10 times the thank you of all new users!

■ Okei contact
· Net net Konfu Rex: Rex NAT28073 Konfu ° Net Net: NAT27957
QWF02275@niftyserve.or.jp MXK03753@niftyserve.or.jp
Library Gasshi innovation: innovation in the Library Nigga Gasshi: OKEI3083

Questions about this hotfix, technical, until I Okei

Here is the msxvillage post with any more info:

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