Ebay trading! Including a 256k MegaRAM! Rare in Europe!

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By msx_pc

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10-11-2005, 23:52


The megaRAM is the only hardware device to use the program ExecROM ????that allow you to execute ROM files on your MSX1, MSX2, MSX2+ or MSX Turbo R.

which other carttridges is it also possible to run roms with execrom..?
padial msx? i dont know which one

Is it possible to use in msx usb gamereader and is it possible to execute romfiles to my msx usb gamereader? i never tried that..or you need a real msx system to execute the roms and the read the rom in msx usb game reader?

is it possible to write in msx usb game reader with this item or msxmegaflash??

By djh1697

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11-11-2005, 00:51

The megaRAM is non-volatile - the memory disappears when power is lost - in short no you couldn't!

I dont see any problem with a flash memory - but I have never tried it.

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