Does it still sell ? Two working 8250s for sale...

By foske

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22-12-2012, 13:31

Hi, just curious. I got two NMS 8250s with fast diskrom, improved power supply and audio fixes lying around. Do they still sell ? What are reasonable prices ? One even comes with Philips colour CRT (a bit noisy in the audio but otherwise ok) !

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By Akiguchi

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22-12-2012, 13:40

I think the NMS 8250 are worth around 50€. And yes they still sell! Smile

By TheWhipMaster

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22-12-2012, 18:51

Yes they do , 50€ is the bare minimum in Netherlands elsewhere is a bit more

By OeiOeiVogeltje

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23-12-2012, 19:20

50 euros TOPS
here in The Netherlands at least

By RetroTechie

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26-12-2012, 00:30

In the NL, MSX2's are still plentiful & affordable, especially the Philips 8250/55. On fleabay (more international public) they probably fetch more, but good chance you'd have to ship them overseas. Not every seller likes to do that... LOL!

Whatever you do, don't dump them! There's always someone who wants one.

By Colemu

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26-12-2012, 13:08

MSX 2 still very rare, and expensive, here in the UK.
Agree with RT, don't dump it Wink

By foske

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02-01-2013, 13:36

Thanks all, expect them on EBAY soon Smile

For sale:
* 2x NMS 8250
* Nemesis 2
* F1 spirit
* Beige Philips CRT with sound