[BUY] Front bezel NMS 8250

By stefA

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18-09-2012, 15:21

Dear all,
this is my first post (i've been just a reader for a looong time) so let me just say "nice to meet you all".
My nms 8250 is not very happy since I awkwardly destroyed its plastic front bezel, so I wonder if someone here have a spare one to sell.
Shipment should be to Italy (so a traceable shipment is a must!)
Thanks in advance to everyone will help or just welcome such a clumsy MSXer

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By Capitan_Goto

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19-09-2012, 08:47

Hello StefA and rest of MRC mates....I have exactly the same problem. The damned 8250 front bezel. Some time ago I tried to buy a spare one, but no luck. At last, i even have considered to build a new one. If anyone has some the same problem with the 8250 front bezel, maybe we can party together to look for a good solution for all of us!!...

Greetings from Spain

By Grauw

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15-09-2014, 21:48

Maybe 3D print them? I heard Bas was looking into this, I don’t know how successful he was and what the quality is like.