BluePrint MSX Shop open again :)

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By Argon

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07-11-2003, 16:50

i wish you good luck argon... but why did you use XML?? never heard of the fact that XML can be used to display pages. why not use just html for displaying the pages?

oh and btw: the last time i claimed it worked, i didnt actually visit the webshop but just the site.

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Actually it is more complicated Smile

I use ASP for the site, which is VB code that gets compiled on the webserver and returns HTML (I try to use XHTML syntax) to the client.
So the client only gets to see (X)HTML, the compilation and code are invisible to the user.

Previous time I used a database to store my sales in, so I could update the shop very easy.
It is possible to use XML as database, which is what I try to do now Smile

By DarQ

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07-11-2003, 17:14

hmm, i prefer using php for scripting and a sql DB behind that. oh and (eeh who mentioned it again? :evilSmile a decent webdeveloper obviously knows the xhtml specs (im not using it at all btw).

By Vincent van Dam

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07-11-2003, 17:31

but why did you use XML?? never heard of the fact that XML can be used to display pages. why not use just html for displaying the pages?

XML, like SGML is an independant way to store data (or content). With the addition of eg XSLT it is very usuable to render content to various output formats, eg HTML. Therefor it is very usuable if you want to publish the same data to multiple media, including the display of HTML pages.

Argon, I hope that your shop will be back soon!

By Argon

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08-11-2003, 12:25

Doing my best, but I'm still pretty sick Sad
It's hard to concentrate more than half an hour, let alone code the webshop Sad

Maybe I'll just use the previous shop with the database Smile

Anyway, y'all shouldn't be in such a hurry.
I currently don't have many items for sale...
I will be selling some of my MSX computers, but I have NO games for sale for the moment.

Hehe, I started out collecting about all old computers I could get my hands on, but it just breaks my heart to see them just standing there. All I really use is an NMS-8250 Smile
Now all I have left is many MSX computers and a Sinclair ZX-81 set.

So I decided to only keep the real MSX rarities (and my Philips MSX computers), also thinking of renaming the website to 'Blue-Print MSX cabinet of rarities'.
All the other MSX computers will probably go on sale.

I have bought multiple turboR ST (3 units, 1 of them completely boxed) in Japan.
Those will be on sale when they arrive, don't mail me yet for buying one.
When they arrive I first need to check if they are in good condition.
I don't want to sell an item that hasn't been checked on good operation.

Also a small lot of games, of which I will sell what I already have as usual.

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