Any idea what my MSX hardware is worth ?

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By RetroTechie

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02-10-2009, 02:48

Have you tried searching eBay worldwide, and including auctions that have ended ('completed listings')? If not, you only find results for currently running auctions. Read: just a few, or none for specific items. And with current price, which is NOT final sales price.

Usually the MSX1 stuff, tapes & books aren't worth much (bit all the bits can add up!). Rare, mint condition, and including original boxes/manuals etc. might convince a collector to pay much more than you'd get for common, used / worn items. Quality joysticks are worth more than 2$/pop, made in China crap Wink There's always buyers for cartridges & often for deepgoing hardware/assembly books (a few well known titles, for example some with BIOS disassembly listings).

If you sell the whole lot in 1 piece, it will be harder to find a buyer, and you'll probably get less than if you sell every piece separate. But 1 deal, and... done. On the other hand: piece by piece could mean: many buyers, much more work to go through everything. How precious is the time you'd spend on it? Smile2 And you might sell the goodies, and be left with just the worthless bits Shocked!

By onetunafish

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02-10-2009, 21:52

I'd buy both games from you, you can message me at eduardo(at) , replace the (at) with @.


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