Another question for SD Snatcher...

By BraK

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05-10-2005, 02:50


Does somebody know where I could find these fantastic figures ???

I saw them the first time in 1990 in a MSX Magazine. It was in the cover (inside) and it was an advertise for SD Snatcher.
Since this day, I'm looking for them...

I've already done several japanese or manga sites without success...

I'll try to contact Hideo... Perhaps he always has one for a Frenchie LOL!

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By BiFi

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05-10-2005, 07:11

I doubt they were available to the public... but you never know.

By BraK

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05-10-2005, 08:01


Me too because I never could be able to find a set somewhere. But something tells me that they are somewhere. A complete set of these figures could exist like the Final Fantasy or Metal Gear ones. It really sounds like a MSX's user feeling, isn't it ?

Of course it's more older but this game was such a success in Japan and when you look the SD Snatcher MSX cover game, I can't imagine they don't exist or can't be found.
Just imagine these little figures of Gillian, Jamie, Harry, Randam, the Snatcher and these little blue car near your GT or your collection of MSX games...

Arghh.... Really such a great stuff !!

I'll try to contact Konami Japan again and again about these toys. I'll make so scans of my MSX Magazine.
Perhaps it's for nothing. But sometimes miracle appears...
I'll do it for fun.

If I could get any information, of course, I'll tell it because I'm sure I'm not the only fan of these figuresWink


By MrRudi

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05-10-2005, 11:54

In my humble opinion, these figures have never been for sale, nor do they really 'exist'. How do I know that? Since in the last 15 years, they have NEVER EVER been offered on eBay. And that's the best definition of reality these days, if it's not on eBay, it does not exist!

It would bring in a lot of money though Smile I am guessing they made a few of these things, and Kojima has them on his bookshelf.

By BraK

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05-10-2005, 12:03

Yes I think you're right with your remark about Ebay. You find everything.
And about Hideo too... I'm sure he has these figures under his bed, with forgotten socks...

Anyway, I've spent my time in contacting all the firms & persons I could.
Now, I go to bed. It's time I think...
Phone Kojima tonight.

By Unicorn

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05-10-2005, 12:49

I believe these were available when "The Snatcher" was ported and released on the Japanese Sega Saturn some years ago.

By RamonMSX

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05-10-2005, 18:36

I doubt these figures have ever been for sale as well. But you mentioned you'd scan some images of them from your MSX-Magazine. You might want to check out my SD-Snatcher website since it has a section dedicated to advertisments of SD-Snatcher. Maybe the one in your MSX-Magazine is not on my site yet. If so, I'd like to add them.
You can find the site at

By snout

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05-10-2005, 18:50

Indeed, based on their total absence on eBay, it is unlikely for those figures to exist. However, if you got your hands on these action figures, would -you- ever think of selling them? Think so. I also wonder how the pictures on the SD-Snatcher box and collector cards were taken, as I think CG-ing them was way too expensive back then. Perhaps there's only one each. Wink

By BraK

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06-10-2005, 00:10

Hi Ramon !

I've already seen your nice site and I'm always looking at CipherWinkWink really great job man !
About my MSX Magazine's scans, my first memories tell me they are the same as yours. But I will check the magazines for your site.

See ya.

By BraK

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06-10-2005, 00:19

Hi Snout !

Sure, if I've got these figures I would never sell them.
On my opinion I'm sure they exist.
It's so such a Final Fantasy action figure set-like. All the main characters were done (on the SD Snatcher game's cover) and it wasn't only a marketing or advert production. Sure of this.
And I can't believe we'll never find them.