Z80 Assembly Meter now supports the "SDCC-dialect"

By Bengalack

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13-09-2020, 08:19

Just showing some appreciation :-)

theNestruo has released an update to the, already great, extension "Z80 Assembly meter". This time we get support for some of the strange syntax SDCC outputs and requires. This is great! --One thing is your own code, but it's very handy when you investigate the code that SDCC produces.

If you don't know what I'm talking about; these are some of the wierd syntax that is used in SDCC (or more correctly, their fork of the asxxxx assembler):

ld a, (iy-1)  ==> ld a, -1(iy)
xor n ==> xor a, n

The extension is found at:


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By ToriHino

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13-09-2020, 10:06

Thanks for mentioning the update, going to try that Smile

By theNestruo

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14-09-2020, 10:49

Thanks for the appreciation! Big smile
I'm glad people find my little extension useful!