yamaha yrm-304 burn onto intel d27128a MiniPro TL866CS.. Help!

By OddballNo3

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24-09-2020, 00:46

Hi everyone!
So I have a cx5m and I'm trying to burn the yrm-304 tx7 editor to an intel d27128a using a minipro tl866cs. I'm using the rom file from https://cx5m.file-hunter.com/software/ I wasn't able to find D27128A in the chip list, but I was able to choose 27128a with no D and tried loading the image as is. it loaded, was able to be read and was verified. but it won't boot up on the machine. Also it states on file-hunter that all the images start at 4000h I'm assuming that's something I need to configure in the program? if so where and how? and finally am I even able to do this correctly on the rig I have? I'm really out of my element here and struggling. Thanks folks!!

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By sdsnatcher73

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24-09-2020, 15:10

No expert either but the YRM-304 is a 32kB rom, the D27128A is a 128kb (kilobit) so 16kB chip. You would need a 32kB EPROM at minimum. Then you have to take care the ROM is visible at address 0x4000 in the MSX memory space. You can arrange that by using the correct address lines or just use a 64kB EPROM and filling the first and last 16kB with 00's.

By Pentarou

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24-09-2020, 15:14

Unless I misunderstood what you are trying to do, the YRM-304 TX-7 Voice Editor on that site is a 32KB ROM.
It won't fit in a 27128 (16KB).

Edit: Sorry sdsnatcher73 was faster Smile

By OddballNo3

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27-09-2020, 07:12

yup that would make me a Dumb-Dumb. I misread them as kiloBYTE. anyone need some 16kb chips? lol