What is the easiest way to run MSX-DOS2? I have disk drive on my AX-370

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By alali.ahmed.t

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22-11-2022, 21:56

wbahnassi wrote:
alali.ahmed.t wrote:

I recently completed the FM circuit on my AX-370 (somehow similar to Wavy 70FD).

Any description for this project? I'm interested in it actually!

I did it myself, I will have to write up the items needed for the project and the rom files needed. I will do that later when I find the time. but the items you will need in general are:

- YM2413 chip
- 74LS30 chip (SMD, not through hole)
- Inductor with the value of 150uH 1/2W - 1W (that's what I used, someone may have better info about the watt range)
- Few resistors 1/4W
- Few different type of capacitors.
- Space in rom for either FMPAC rom data or MSX Music preferably with Basic Kun next to it but not important.

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