War Head

By gdx

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19-11-2021, 15:22

Does anyone know where the game War Head is from?


I found it in a DSK file. It's marked Pony Canyon but I don't think it was sold as is.
The presentation image (in SCREEN2) is corrupted and there is POKE-1.170 which is useless for this game in the loader.

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By gdx

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21-11-2021, 10:19

I converted the game to ROM.

By Manuel

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21-11-2021, 10:38

It might have been a tape game, like Fruit Panic.

By Sylvester

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21-11-2021, 14:11

It's a demo game of Pattern editor "Robin": https://www.generation-msx.nl/software/pony-canyon/pattern-e...

By gdx

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21-11-2021, 14:52

Thank you!

While looking for info, I came across Phi, a puzzle game that I didn't know.


I added an autoexec.bat.


It is for MSX turbo R. Keys are : Cursor, Z, X, ESC and RETURN. Joystick is also usable.

By tfh

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21-11-2021, 18:35

The game is actually for MSX (Do add a KANJI ROM tough).
Only for speed issues, MSX Turbo-R is recommended.