vol: System file exists

By The Apeman

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27-02-2020, 14:09


I'm trying to set the volume name of my sdcard under Nextor 2.11, but to no avail:

A:\> vol sdcard

*** System file exists

What system file is this, and why is it in my way?

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By gdx

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27-02-2020, 14:37

Same issue here.

By edoz

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27-02-2020, 17:26

I use GR8NET with nextor kernel 2.1.0, nextor.sys version 2.10 and command2.com version 2.44
Maybe it is 2.11 related then, or version of command2.com?

My version works fine btw.

By Pencioner

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27-02-2020, 17:35

the volume name of FAT filesystem is actually a file with special attribute. for some reason 'vol' command doesn't recognize it or find it and then fails on creating one. might be that you sd file has one already? if it has one with long file name, that might be the reason of this behanious

P.S. I always manage filesystem labels on SD&CF cards from Win or Linux via cardreader... so never tried it from DOS yet Wink just making a scientific guess here

By The Apeman

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27-02-2020, 19:10

I changed it using dosfstools under Linux, but remains unchanged under Nextor. I'll look for that file, thanks!