Trying to play Feud via emulation and failing

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By PeteProdge

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12-11-2017, 19:06

First off, I'm new to the MSX. I only used a physical MSX for the first time two weeks ago.

For a new YouTube channel, I'm keen to look at the 1987 Mastertronic game Feud on as many formats as possible. I come from a Spectrum background and I'm finding the Amstrad version to be absolutely incredible.

I've come across a few MSX cassette and disk images of Feud, and here on my Windows 7 laptop, I've tried them all under four different emulators - BlueMSX; OpenMSX; fMSX and RuMSX... without much success. A lot of the time I'm faced with a pure blue screen when I try the disk images.

There is something happening from the cassette images, with the music and title screen definitely there. However, when you start the game, your sprite is suddenly surrounded by a load of random characters - like a kill screen and you can barely move.

There is one method where I can play it, and that's the browser-based emulator at, although I'd prefer to have it running 'offline' in a proper emulator.

I really wouldn't be surprised if I've got some settings wrong somewhere.

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12-11-2017, 22:38

Which machine are you emulating when running the disk ?

By PeteProdge

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12-11-2017, 23:48

I've gone between "MSX" and "MSX2". No meaningful results from either, sadly.

By gdx

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13-11-2017, 00:27

Try this version converted to Rom by Jam.

By Pippo

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13-11-2017, 05:26

Hello Pete,
you may try this link too (please, copy and paste in your Web Browser):!).zip

You will find the Disk and Rom version there.
I hope they will work fine with you. :)

By Manuel

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13-11-2017, 07:29

Try to run the tape version on an emulated Toshiba HX-10.

By PeteProdge

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13-11-2017, 11:12

Thanks for your help guys. I was initially wondering if it was the fault of the emulators, but it seems there are a lot of corrupt .dsk and .cas images out there.

I did find a solution by using the MSX-1 Mania compilation disk which has Feud. Great to see it there, very close to the Spectrum version, the map is almost identical.

Thanks for your advice, I'll be using it on other games I'm trying out. My aim is to produce video reviews of classic games across as many formats as possible.

By Rataplan

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13-11-2017, 19:13

While there already are quite a few of those, like ChinnyVision, Gaming History Source, TheShadowsNose and more. I all watch them. So I'm very eager to have another such channel! Would you have any hint when you start? Also will you post here when you start?

By tfh

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13-11-2017, 19:49

LOL Smile I have an idea what the problem is Smile It's the reason why I used a save-state file on :)
You have to keep the CTRL button pressed during the booting of the MSX.
Instead of using a compilation, you can also download the diskfile of Feud on by clicking the Disk A: icon on the bottom of the emulator and select "Save Disk File". You can then use this .DSK file in any emulator you want. Just make sure to boot with the CTRL pressed (and preferably a MSX1 machine).

Have fun!

By Manuel

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13-11-2017, 21:58

I recorded this: on an emulated Toshiba HX-10 with a CAS image of Feud.

By PingPong

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14-11-2017, 20:13

The msx version is the worst between c64, amstrad, and even zx. Very sloppy coded.

Slow charater animations, compared to others, with no real tech reason.
Enemies are monochromatic, given the game they could have been al sprites with more colors.
The main charater cannot overlap the others.
During screen change is is clearly visible that the only sprite used is removed after the next screen is build up.
Screen build up is slow.

Even the speccy version had more colorful charaters and is better animated.

MSX deserved more ..... :-(

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