Third boss in Ys 1 (Abandoned Mines Vampire)?

By diederick76

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02-01-2020, 21:41


Playing Ys Vanished Omens (1) for the first time and enjoying it immensely. But now I'm stuck. I'm at the bottom of the abandoned mines, encountered a Vampire-like boss, which I'm completely unable to hurt. I'm at level M, HP is 255, Str 240, Def 225, I have Silver Sword, Armour and Shield and the Power Ring. I can hit the boss, whether in the form of a flock of bats or a single entity, but I'm the only one with diminishing HP.

Is there some trick to this, do I have enough Str, or do I miss some specific item?

Thanks for any help!

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By hamlet

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02-01-2020, 22:02

In my opinion this is the most difficult opponent in the game, maybe even more difficult than the end boss.

By Wild_Penguin

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02-01-2020, 23:30

Haven't played the MSX version!

But I have played the PC version (the version available in Steam). The problem with the boss might be on the MSX that the hitbox when he can be hurt only exists for a split second. On PC, it is possible to run "trough" him if one is too fast in reaction (while it is certainly easy to be too late, too, especially on higher difficulty levels). In other words: he is supposed to be vulnerable when he is "whole" but actually is only for some frames in the middle of being whole (but not in the beginning or end of being whole).

Maybe the MSX version needs the player to be even more precise in timing?

By JohnHassink

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02-01-2020, 23:56

If I remember correctly, then basically, you have to take little 'nips' out of one of his shoulders or feet every time he briefly reassembles. Meaning, you swoop in at that little corner, and immediately run off again.
It's more of a battle of attrition than anything else. At least, that's how I've always defeated this boss.
Here's some footage of someone opting for a bit more aggressive tactic, which seems to work as well:

By diederick76

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03-01-2020, 19:15

Thanks for all the tips! But yes, it's really hard. I'm trying to defeat him by taking 'nips' of the shoulders or the feet, but no luck yet. Also tried the more aggressive tactic, with a little luck at least. Sometimes his HP diminishes, but other times not at all.

I guess I'll just keep trying Tongue