The Goonies made in Taiwan?

By enribar

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14-06-2016, 22:02

Is this a fake, or a simple "made-in", or an evidence that MSX existed in Taiwan?
Or maybe it's a production for the Arabic market.

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By mars2000you

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14-06-2016, 22:07

It's not impossible, as there are SMS games produced in Taiwan, they include pirate adaptations of Konami MSX games. See for more infos.

By enribar

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14-06-2016, 22:07

very interesting is the logo on the back, but what company?

By enribar

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14-06-2016, 22:19

ok! found other evidences! search google for "taiwan msx clones", some others come out and lead to here:
([OT]: how small is the world! There's also a famous photo of sheeps walking in tunnels, it's a place not so far from my home :-) )

By gdx

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15-06-2016, 01:04

The MSX cartridge sold in Arab Emirate, Kuwait or egypt are often made in Taiwan.

By dioniso

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15-06-2016, 16:08

It's not fake. I have Knight Lore and Frogger (sorry for the bad quality of the pictures).

By supmsx

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15-06-2016, 17:35

Those cartridges were sold on the Arabic market as Enribar and GDX said it.
Konami knew about that as it was a deal made and were manufactured in Taiwan.

By bsittler

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06-04-2021, 20:02

I never found discussion of it here, but DahJee in Taiwan (and maybe other manufacturers too?) ported some MSX titles to the SG-1000 Mark II (and its clones) with the aid of adapters that added more RAM: