Stuck in Snatcher

By diederick76

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08-12-2019, 12:36

Hi all,

I'm playing Caetano's English translation of Snatcher (v0.6.0) but I'm having a hard time video calling Napoleon after returning from the factory. Junker HQ has six locations (Chief, Engineering, Computer, Reception, Shooting and Detective) but only in Detective I can actually call up the Metal Gear sub menu (in the other locations the menu item is there, but it just returns me to the main menu of that location; is that a bug?) but it says I can't call from there because of unstable microwaves.

I've been running around HQ for so long now that Mika and Harry are completely over their sorrow for Jean and the shooting range starts to become boring.

I think I asked everybody everything three times already (checked with, but I guess I'm still missing something. Does anyone know what?

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By diederick76

Expert (114)

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09-12-2019, 09:12

Just in case anyone else has this issue, the solution was to leave HQ and go to Gilian's place and make the call there.

Still, my question whether the Metal Gear menu just returning to the location's menu is a bug remains.. Can some one shine a light on that?

By Wild_Penguin

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10-12-2019, 20:59

I think it just has some annoying bugs. The game isn't that well coded (IIRC I red somewhere the publisher was pressing on and the team didn't have time to optimize and polish. Result: slow loading times and some bugs).

That being said, only once I've had a case of a corrupted save game. That being said, keep backups (of save states if playing on an emulator).

There are a few places where the game logic is not clear enough for the player. It might be exacerbated by some tips being lost while the English translation was being done. More precisely, I had trouble when Katrina went missing. You need to go looking at the same places many times (I believe the game is counting these visits, but will only advance "in sequence"). Eventually, if you just keep going around places and looking for her, she will apppear [NO MORE SPOILERS so I will not tell where and how], but it is in no way clear or logical, when you have looked enough for her.