Some Konami ROMs include the game title and RC number

By Guillian

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12-09-2021, 19:49

I have find out that from Konami's Baseball to The Maze of Galious most of the games include a chunk of data at the end. In MegaROMs that chunk ends at offset #7FFF.

This is the structure of the chunk of data:
+00: #AA (Token)
-01: RC7xx number (BCD format)
-02: Number of bytes used to store the name
-03: Name in katakana (backwards)

Here is the list of the games that have that chunck:

RC701    Antarctic Adventure (EN): ケ ッ キ ョ ク    ナ ン キ ョ ク    タ ゛ イ ホ ゛ ウ ケ ン 
RC703    Time Pilot: タ イ ム    ハ ゜ イ ロ ッ ト 
RC705    Super Cobra: ス ─ ハ ゜ ─    コ フ ゛ ラ 
RC706    Video Hustler: ヒ ゛ テ ゛ オ ハ ス ラ ─ 
RC714    Comic Bakery: COMIC BAKERY
RC718    Hyper Rally: ハ イ ハ ゜ ─ ラ リ ─
RC724    Konami's Baseball: ヤ キ ュ ウ
RC725    Yie Ar Kung Fu: イ ─ ・ ア ル ・ カ ン フ ─     
RC727    King's Valley: オ ウ ケ ノ タ ニ
RC728    MopiRanger: モ ヒ ゜ レ ン シ ゛ ャ ─
RC729    Pippols: ヒ ゜ ホ ゜ ル ス
RC730    Road Fighter: ロ ─ ト ゛    フ ァ イ タ ─
RC731    Konami's Ping Pong: コ ナ ミ    ノ    ヒ ゜ ン ホ ゜ ン
RC732    Konami's Soccer: コ ナ ミ    ノ    サ ッ カ ─
RC733    Hyper Sport 3: ハ イ ハ ゜ ─    ス ホ ゜ ─ ツ    3
RC734    Goonies: ク ゛ ─ ニ ─ ス ゛
RC735    Game Master: 1 0    ハ ゛ イ    タ ノ シ ム    カ ─ ト リ ッ シ ゛
RC736    Konami's Boxing: コ ナ ミ    ノ    ホ ゛ ク シ ン ク ゛
RC737    Yie Ar Kung Fu 2: イ ─ ・ ア ル ・ カ ン フ ─    2
RC739    Knightmare: マ シ ゛ ョ ウ テ ゛ ン セ ツ
RC740    Twin Bee: ツ イ ン ヒ ゛ ─
RC741    Konami's Synthesizer: シ ン セ サ イ サ ゛ ─
RC742    Gradius: ク ゛ ラ テ ゛ ィ ウ ス
RC743    Penguin Adventure: ユ メ タ イ リ ク    ア ト ゛ ヘ ゛ ン チ ャ ─
RC746    QBERT: キ ュ ─ ハ ゛ ─ ト
RC748    Goemon: カ ゛ ン ハ ゛ レ コ ゛ エ モ ン
RC749    The maze of Galious: カ ゛ リ ウ ス    ノ    メ イ キ ュ ウ

The games in the list before Konami's Baseball are updated versions published later.

Most of the games use the same enconding, but there are three exceptions:
- Comic Bakery does not have the title in katakana and use ASCII enconding.
- Goemon Samusrai uses it own encoding
- The Maze of Galious uses its own encoding.

Perhaps Konami decided to include this information in the ROMs when they decided to produce Game Master. In this way they can easily identify the game RC and print the tittle. This will also work in games published after Game Master. But storing the game's title in katakana only makes sense if they were planning to release the Game Master only in Japan.

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By Randam

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12-09-2021, 20:12

The Game Master got developed out of some internal tool they used before (for testing purposes etc). They said that in a small interview about the Game Master. Maybe the katakana title had some internal use. Because as far as I know, the Game master or game master 2 don't show those names...

By Guillian

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12-09-2021, 20:43

You are right. Someone pointed me out that in a MSX FAN some Konami members explained that Game Master was a propietary tool for testing and debugging. Then makes sense that the names where in katakana.

By sdsnatcher73

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13-09-2021, 10:07

A cool find really, I wonder if they did something similar with e.g. their Famicom ROM games…