Screen 9 and typing Korean on non-Korean MSX

By Takamichi

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24-09-2019, 13:41

Korean MSX users developed several tools to type Korean on non-Korean MSXs. One of them, "Korean I/O System" is available here.
1. Sign up and log in Naver. English site is available.
2. Go to the page and download the rom and .bin version. Here's my instruction about where to get them.
3. Run the rom, or rename the .bin file and BLOAD "*", R
4. Execute SCREEN 9
5. Push Kana/CODE to enter the Korean character entry mode. For the Korean keyboard mapping, see the Korean MSX keyboard.

Actually , SCREEN 9 is not requisite. After 3, you can activate Korean entry by CALL HANON then with kana/CODE. CALL HANOFF returns MSX to 1 byte syllable entry mode.

There are also manual files near the data links and they are fairly understandable by Google translation. edit: Video

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By mars2000you

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24-09-2019, 13:58

See also and the Wiki pages!!!

No any reaction since 2015 about that....

By Takamichi

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24-09-2019, 15:05

Oh so you summarized it long ago. CALL REBOOT took my attention ;) My information source was ASTERiS the Korean, you can ask him.

By o.geerdink

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24-09-2019, 19:17

It must be hard to be Japanese or ancient Egyptian when using a computer LOL!

I wonder if one day Japanese will do all their writing in katakana?? Is that even possible?? Is there a official katakana spelling for all kanji symbols?

By Parn

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24-09-2019, 20:08

You could write Japanese entirely in katakana if you wished, but it's highly improbable the writing system would shift to using only katakana. The Japanese writing system combines katakana, hiragana and kanji in a way that makes it more efficient and clearer to read.

By ro

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25-09-2019, 12:34