Salamander Smooth Scroll IPS Patch

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By Victor

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31-10-2016, 18:32

only for MSX 2 or higher (recommended Turbo CPU)

Download: Salamander IPS Patch File

This version includes:

- Turbo FIX,Dynamic Vsync,Ripple Laser FIX, Cool Colors, invincible by FRS
- Voice SET (with other SCC) by WYZ & ARTRAG
- Gradius 2 included in the same ROM (for good ending) by Manuel Pazos
- New color flavour by Toni Galvez
- Smooth Scroll and fixes by Victor Martinez (inspired on Gradius 2 by FRS)

Display help screen by pressing [H] on boot.

Access these extra options by pressing the following keys on boot:

[F] Toggle VDP frequency [C] Cool Colors disabled
[E] English texts in game forced [J] Japanese texts in game forced
[V] Voice Set disabled [I] Invincible (for cowards)
[B] Bad ending forced, Gradius 2 disabled (no Venom Stage)
[CTRL] Female Voice Set(G-Gaiden) [CTRL+SHIFT] Male Voice Set(G-Gaiden)

In gameplay paused (with F1 key):

[S] Change gameplay SPEED (3 levels)
1:Faster (only with Turbo CPU), 2:Default, 3:Slower
[P] Change colors PALETTE (3 levels)
1: Flavour Colour (one per stage) by Toni Galvez
2: Original MSX1 colors
3: Cool Colors by FRS

Player 1 Voice Set:[F2] Default voice,[F3] Zowie Scoot,[F4]Iggy Rock

* For IPS Patch use this original ROM: Salamander (1987) (Konami) (J).rom


* If you want to play it in Web MSX put in the name of the ROM [Konami SCC]

example: Salamander[Konami SCC].ROM

* Issues:

- Some enemies don't move correctly with scroll... Sorry...

* Thanks to:

David Madurga (Trunks): always helping... a great programmer...
WYZ: thanks for all your help and trust
Toni Galvez: you're an artist!! Thanks for your cooperation
Fernando Garcia: a great help!! Thanks for all!!
Raul Fernandez: my own tester!! Thanks!!

FRS: thanks for all the patches you did for so many games. My inspiration...
ARTRAG: thanks for sharing your "URIDIUM 2" source code. Amazing...
GRAUWS: I love your MSX info page!! Essential page!!

and the "vintage KONAMI Team"!!

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By bigjaac

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31-10-2016, 19:13

thanks thanks thansk.......

By raulsantacruz

Hero (604)

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31-10-2016, 20:31

Amazing work , Victor!! I don't believe such performance in MSX2 at 3.56Mhz. Its incredible! The color are like the arcade one... Now we can think Konami doesnt optimize to the limit!

Thank you very much Victor for your excellent work and your time and dedication!!! If I dont see never can believe it!


Enlighted (7037)

ARTRAG's picture

31-10-2016, 21:15

Awesome!! With the new colors and the smooth scrolling it seems a totally new game!
I've just completed it using invincibility and it looks and sounds simply AMAZING!!
Greetings ! Thanks for your great work!

By Victor

Champion (510)

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31-10-2016, 21:22

ARTRAG wrote:

Awesome!! With the new colors and the smooth scrolling it seems a totally new game!
I've just completed it using invincibility and it looks and sounds simply AMAZING!!
Greetings ! Thanks for your great work!

Wooooww!! Thanks ARTRAG!! It's a great honor coming from you!! Thanks!!

By erpirao

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31-10-2016, 21:45

video please, video please...

By valkyre

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31-10-2016, 22:06

It's a stunning piece of work. Well done and thank you.

By sinus

Expert (85)

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01-11-2016, 07:42

It is SUCH an improvement! I have no idea how much time it took you to figure out the mechanics and how to fix it. And you did it for 9938 too! It gives justice to the first MSX specific VDP and the MSX2 capabilities. It's been long awaited and sure it would have been done before if it were easy: so bravo, you did it! What groups like Kralizec or XL2S produce really is an achievement, but this is definitely another way to achieve something great. Many will know how to appreciate the value of what people like you do. Cheers Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By KdL

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01-11-2016, 09:17

Like +1.000.000 Wink

By tfh

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01-11-2016, 09:23

Looks very impressive. Got it to work in WebMSX, but I don't get the voiceset in WebMSX...

Solved... Need 2nd SCC cartridge, so loading the same .ROM file twice does the trick.,..

For the lazy people here, you can play this great version here:

By journey

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01-11-2016, 10:14

Amazing work!!!!!
Now i'm waiting for Nemesis, Nemesis3 and Parodius! Smile

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