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You are now basically entering the endgame -- there is only one destination left for you, and it's that creepy city of Contrabal in Bachmane. Granted, there's a LOT to do there, but that's where all remaining story developments take place from here on out, so your next goal should be to teleport to... Tenerbe, the trading outpost!

Why Tenerbe? Well, for one, because you can't teleport directly to Contrabal. But also because you're going to want to stock up on items for the last two dungeons, pray at the church, etc. prior to heading out Tenerbe's southwest exit to Contrabal.

Once you're ready, head to the temple in town -- that building on the north side with two entrances, both of which are at the top of small staircases. You'll enter, and the attendant there will once again tell you that it's Bachmane's holy temple, and no mere peasants are allowed inside. This time, however, rather than being kicked out, you'll feel emboldened, and basically tell the attendant, "I AIN'T NO MERE PEASANT, B*TCH!"... though not in those exact words. You then rush at her and yell, "SEILREET BLAAAAAST!"... in those exact words (no, seriously, I'm not making that up). Somehow, this actually works, and the attendant is knocked out cold.

Your victory (and astonishment) is short-lived, however, as a beautiful young woman and a gaggle of beautiful young men surround you. You attempt another SEILREET BLAAAAAST, but this time, it does nothing.

The woman introduces herself as Queen Olmam Bach, in the flesh, and the beautiful young men are her aides (the ones you've heard so much about from NPC gossip). You waste no time in preparing to attack her, though she says she'd much rather let her aides do all the heavy lifting here... so she sics them on you.

You start out the fight with Olmam's aides totally surrounded, but you should be able to break away if you run east for a minute. You can then shepherd them all into a single clump, and periodically turn around to shoot them a few times with Seilreet. As each one is defeated, he'll just fall over dead, and when the last one is laid out, you can run to the north side of the chamber and speak with Olmam.

She's not happy that you trashed her boy-toys, because this means she'll have to face you herself. To help her in doing so, she calls upon some sort of unholy power and becomes a horrible monstrosity that teleports in and out of existence at random spots in the room. Which may not sound particularly threatening, except that while she's doing that, all of her aides are coming back from the dead as zombies -- and when you defeat one, he only stays down for 2-3 seconds before getting right back up again will full health.

This is a pretty neat boss fight, as it's all about avoiding a room full of aggressive zombies trying to surround you while taking every chance you can get to attack the monstrous Olmam herself. It's honestly not all that challenging, but it's fun, and is one of the more inventive boss fights in the game (topped only by the final battle IMHO).

Once Olmam is defeated, she is quite legitimately defeated -- you've killed her, and basically taken down the figurehead representing all of Bachmane, theoretically (though, spoilers, not actually) saving Rune Worth from Bachmane's tyrannical rule. But that wasn't your goal, remember!

As Olmam lay dying, she tells you that even though she's been defeated, nothing will change -- you may have taken down the human queen host, but the spirit that inhabited her lives on. You ask if that's what transformed her into such a hideous creature, and she tells you that you have no idea what you're asking... that you can never know the joy of one who's accepted the spirit of Lord Dothsurv* within, and that her defeat will only empower the beast, as he's about to be brought into this world in a far greater form than merely a spirit inhabiting hosts could ever provide -- and her blood will help sustain him! Or something. You tell her she's out of her mind and you don't actually care about any of that; you just want to know the location of Leschel Karos. She seems to legitimately not know, as "he's a man who does what he wants," but surmises he might be in the altar room "down below" with all the others. She then breathes her last, and the floor gives away beneath you.

*Note that I have no idea how to Romanize this name, as it's... a pretty inscrutable bit of katakana. The Japanese is ドートスルフ, which immediately made me think "dot surf," but with an extended o sound in the word "dot." I'm going to go with "Dothsurv" for the purposes of this walkthrough, but there's just... no good way to render this name that doesn't look really strange and unwieldy in English.

Anyway, like I said, the floor gave way beneath you! You land in an underground labyrinth full of lava and demonic imagery -- the underground temple of Contrabal.

This is a pretty big dungeon, and may require a bit of mapping, particularly because of its unique structure. It's a bit too large to all be loaded into memory at once (I guess?), so it's split into four sections: the northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast quadrants. The exit -- which is right by where you landed -- is on the northwest side of the northwest quadrant, and you're free to enter and exit this dungeon as you please (from here on out, entering either of the temple doors in Contrabal will take you directly to this dungeon exit).

The dungeon's structure makes it pretty fun to explore, but it also brings with it a few quirks. If you cast Sepethmyda or use a Suiren's Bell to check how many treasures are present, you're given a total count for all four quadrants (which is, incidentally, 27 treasure chests). However, once you learn Fe Raenote (the teleportation spell), using it in this dungeon will only teleport you to another spot in the current quadrant -- so if you cast Fe Raenote in the northeast quadrant, your randomly selected destination will be somewhere else in the northeast quadrant. And this is kind of a pain in the ass, because 3 of the dungeon's 27 treasure chests are hidden... but you have no idea which quadrant they're hidden IN, so if you use Fe Raenote to try to find them, it's basically a crap shoot whether or not you're even in the right part of the dungeon.

I'll be going into more detail about this once we reach the point in the walkthrough when you're able to learn Fe Raenote, as that's a fairly important (but extremely annoying) spell, absolutely necessary for 100%ing the game.

It's also worth noting that this dungeon brings with it two new types of traps: lava pits, and invisible walls. The lava pits work like the poison swamps in the Ramaskael Woods, except they don't poison you -- they just take away HP as you slowly traverse them. If you happen to run into an enemy while standing in a lava pit, you're kind of screwed, so you'll always want to try shooting across the pit first to make sure the coast is clear.

The invisible walls are less of a threat, since they only appear at some of the transition points between quadrants. They're notable, though, because you'll be encountering more of them in the final dungeon, where they'll serve as significantly greater impediments.

Anyway! Your ultimate goal in this dungeon is to find the entrance to the altar room, which is pretty obvious when you see it. Getting to it is rather convoluted, however, as it requires traversing all four quadrants -- it's located in the northeast quadrant, but you have to take a very specific path from the northwest quadrant down to the southwest quadrant, then right to the southeast quadrant, then up to the northeast quadrant in order to get to it.

Try to get the 24 accessible treasure chests before stepping into the altar room if you can, since there are a considerable number of level-ups among them, as well as a Naiyal Tablet that teaches you the "Auntum" spell -- an extremely useful spell you can cast to warp yourself back to the entrance of whatever dungeon you happen to be in.

Also, before heading into the altar room, make sure you have lots of Zan Riksche +4s handy, as the battle against Leschel Karos is a pretty difficult one. It's one of those battles where it seems like you should be able to strategize and avoid damage, but you're probably better off just rushing in, attacking like a madman, and healing whenever you reach "dying" status. You'll burn through Zan Riksche +4s like mad doing this, but you will eventually win the fight.

Finally defeating Leschel Karos is the major plot twist moment of the game, with a whooooooole lot of story being dumped upon you all at once. In a nutshell:

  • Leschel Karos' real name is Charl Mi Efo Saris, and he's one of the two lost princes of Saris Kingdom, who were long thought to be dead.
  • YOU are the other lost prince of Saris Kingdom. Your real name is Lyle Mi Rato Saris.
  • During the raid on Saris 17 years ago, you were spared thanks to the power of the Wind Sword Sartarus, which was always your birthright to wield.
  • Charl, on the other hand, was possessed by the spirit of Dothsurv, like so many others, and became a puppet who served his will. Only defeating Leschel in battle caused the spirit of Dothsurv to vacate his body.
  • The armor that Leschel/Charl wears, which was impenetrable by all blades save for Void Sword Seilreet, is one of the Saris royal family's treasures, and is proof that Leschel is who he claims to be.
  • Some other Bachmane monk dude named Zalza Dorem (whom I don't believe has ever been mentioned up to this point) was the person most influenced by Dothsurv, and is the one who's working toward actively reviving Dothsurv within this world (as opposed to Dothsurv's will using others as puppets). Zalza is dangerously close to succeeding, and must be stopped immediately, because Dothsurv's rebirth would surely bring about a new age of horror and decay within Rune Worth. He's up at the top of Contrabal Tower, which is accessed through this very altar room.

You're very conflicted about all of this, and not sure whether to believe Leschel -- or Charl -- but your takeaway here is that Dothsurv is at least partially responsible for murdering everyone you know and love, so even though it's practically suicide to try and stop him, you feel it's something you have to do... both for the sake of your vengeance, and also for the sake of your destiny as the bearer of both the Wind Sword Sartarus and the Void Sword Seilreet. So after witnessing Leschel Karos' dying breath, you proceed past him into Contrabal Tower -- or, as the game comes to refer to it, あやかしのとう -- the "ayakashi" tower, with "ayakashi" being a Japanese word meaning strange, but strange in a supernatural/occult sense. If I were to localize this, I would probably call it...

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This is the final dungeon, and it's a doozy. I... actually really love this dungeon, as it's exceptionally well-designed, looks really creepy, has cool music, and is filled with genuinely threatening enemies and all manner of traps. In addition to the usual retracting spikes, there are also retracting jets of ethereal fire (which are timed differently from the spikes, but often mixed in with them), red shutters that move a lot faster than the blue shutters you've encountered thus far, LOTS of invisible walls (usually surrounding treasure chests, forcing you to find the proper "entrance" to get around them in order to claim the treasure within), and floor segments that will fall away beneath your feet without warning (taking you down to the same X/Y coordinate on the next floor down, and forcing you to remember they're there for later lest you fall into them again).

Each of the tower's 7 floors (prior to the final boss, who occupies the 8th floor) counts as a separate dungeon, too, meaning Sepethmyda and the Suiren's Bell will only give you info about the floor you're currently on -- so if you cast Sepethmyda the second you enter the dungeon (like I did) and feel weirded out that there are only 4 treasure chests... remember, that's just what there is to find on Unholy Tower 1F!

Note that the dungeon exit here (which is where you're taken if you cast the Auntum spell) will take you back to the altar room exit in the underground temple dungeon... but if you want to get back to Contrabal itself, just walk one screen to the south of the dungeon exit -- there's a yellow teleport circle there that'll take you back to town instantly. Touch it, and you'll walk out from some random house in Contrabal -- which, fortunately, works the other way as well! If you want to go from the town of Contrabal right back to the Unholy Tower, you can do so by walking back in the door you come out of. So basically, you have a special warp to the final dungeon at your disposal, right in town! Pretty handy stuff.

It's also noteworthy that Fe Raenote (the teleportation spell) DOES NOT WORK in the Unholy Tower. You can cast it, and it'll take your MP... but it won't send you anywhere.

Speaking of Fe Raenote, this is where you learn it! One of the four treasure chests on Unholy Tower 1F contains a Naiyal Tablet that teaches it to you. The description for this spell just reads, "Indiscriminately teleports you" -- and that's exactly what it does. Cast it in any dungeon OTHER than the Unholy Tower, and you'll instantly warp to some other random spot within that dungeon. It's literally random chance where you wind up, which should make this an absolutely useless spell... except that most of the dungeons in this game have treasure chests located in rooms that are totally isolated, with no way in (though they all at least have a teleporter set up so you can get out from them if you're out of MP, which is... thoughtful, I guess?). This means that in order to get all the treasure chests in the game, you have to return to every dungeon you've been to that still claims to have unopened treasure chests, and just start randomly casting Fe Raenote until you wind up in an isolated treasure room... and when you run out of magic, you need to leave the dungeon, go to a church and pay 5 Cz as an offering to refill your MP, then go back into the dungeon and try again. Fun, right?

The church dungeon in Seltore has 1 treasure chest hidden in an isolated chamber, the Fairy Village dungeon in Eliselem has 2 treasure chests located in two different isolated chambers, the Mt. Weidelm dungeon has 2 treasure chests located in two different isolated chambers (one of which is exceptionally tiny, which means your chances of being teleported into it are VERY slim each time you cast the spell), and the underground temple in Contrabal theoretically has 3 treasure chests located in an isolated chamber or chambers... though those I have NOT obtained, because Fe Raenote will only teleport you to a random location within the same quadrant, but the Sepethmyda/Suiren's Bell info counts for that whole dungeon, meaning I have no way of knowing which quadrant or quadrants the 3 treasure chests are located in... and after spending several hours teleporting like an idiot through each of the four quadrants to no avail, I finally decided I was wasting my time and gave up. This is the stupidest thing in the entire game, as far as I'm concerned. T&E Soft, what were you thinking?!

Anyway! At least the Unholy Tower is free of such stupidness, since Fe Raenote doesn't work within its walls. So thank goodness for small favors!

The Unholy Tower is basically structured as one big tower with four mini-towers inside of it. There are four staircases leading up from 1F, on each of the four corners of the room. These all lead to miniature towers, most of which seem to stop short of taking you very far (presumably, a lot of staircases simply crumbled away over time), but the northwest one will take you all the way to 6F if you keep climbing stairs. You're going to want to get off on 5F, though, as 5F is where the four mini-towers reconverge -- there's a big ring around 5F that reconnects the four mini-towers, with a central chamber in the middle that leads up to the meaty central part of 6F. Large portions of the floor on 5F have fallen away, however, meaning you can't QUITE traverse its whole circumference in one go -- but if you take any of the mini-towers up to 6F, you can step on a yellow teleporter from there, which will transport you to the sixth floor of the mini-tower on the other side of the dungeon (northwest-southwest, or northeast-southeast). You can then climb the stairs from that mini-tower back down to a different part of 5F, circuitously giving you full access to ALL of 5F.

You'll need to use this full access to climb back DOWN each of the corner mini-towers in order to collect any treasures you missed (since, for example, the northeast mini-tower stops at 2F if you try climbing it from the bottom, but you can climb down from 5F all the way to 3F to loot it of all the treasures you couldn't access from below).

Your ultimate goal is to get into the meaty central part of 6F, since that's where the sole staircase to 7F is located. Getting there will require navigating your way over to the northeast mini-tower 6F by teleporting there from the sixth floor of the southeast mini-tower, then climbing down to 5F and taking the long way around to the central staircase... or, you can take the northwest mini-tower to 5F and locate the yellow teleporter nearby, which will transport you directly into the central part of 6F.

Just to make this MORE confusing, the staircase leading up to 7F is inside a big locked room within that central part of 6F. To unlock the door leading into this room, you need to scour the rest of the tower for one particular treasure: サーバエルのドクロ, or "Sabael's Skull." The door to the center room on 6F will only open if you have Sabael's Skull in your inventory.

In addition to this rather creepy treasure, there are also numerous level-up items to be found in the Unholy Tower, as well as a new suit of armor: オードリオ・ラダン, or "Oldorio Radan." This doesn't conform to the naming scheme used by any of the other armors in the game, so be sure to keep an eye out for it, and equip it once you get it -- it's significantly better than your previous suit of armor, upping your defense from 120 to 200.

As a final bit of cruelty on the part of the developers, getting to the central staircase inside the locked room on 6F is no easy task, since there are loose floorboards all around it that will crumble beneath your feet as you attempt to walk over them, sending you down to an area of 5F where you don't want to be and requiring you to do a whooooole lot of backtracking before you can try once more to access the staircase behind the locked door on 6F. (Whew! Are you confused yet?)

What you need to do after entering the locked room on 6F is follow the wall around to the east side of the room, then from about 3/4 of the way down, walk left toward the staircase. If you're positioned too far south or too far north within the room, you'll fall through a weak floorboard, but if you're at the sweet spot about 3/4 of the way down the east wall of the room, you'll manage to avoid any loose floorboards and make it to the stairwell leading to 7F.

7F is tiny, but also full of cruel traps (as well as some new enemy types). There are two treasure chests on this floor, but they are NOT worth getting -- one of them is some Orichalcum (a precious metal you can sell to shopkeeps for a decent amount of money, but money is the LAST thing you need up here!), and the other is a Karhanimth's Key (the item used to unlock treasure chests, which is kind of ironic to receive as possibly the last treasure of the entire game!). Worse still, both treasure chests are behind massive invisible walls, and the periphery of the room is full of loose floorboards that'll drop you back down to 6F with a single misstep... so, yeah, seriously, don't bother with these treasure chests. Just walk straight up to 8F, which will trigger the final battle against... well, the game identifies him as Dothsurv, but I guess it starts out as Zalza Dorem possessed by Dothsurv? Either way, we're going to say the final battle is against Dothsurv, as that's much easier to quantify.

Before the final battle begins, there's a bit of taunting on both sides, and Dothsurv says something like, "If you think you can win this battle just because you have Seilreet on your side, you're a fool. Seilreet alone cannot defeat me!" This is a bit of a clue as to how this battle needs to be won.

Anyway... final battle time! Dothsurv has three forms, and they get progressively trickier, with the third being downright devious.

The first form is easy: he just walks toward you with the intent to beat you to death, but you walk a little faster, so you just need to put a little distance between you two, turn around and shoot him a few times, then repeat until he mutates into his second form.

The second form shoots straight ahead, and also out to the sides diagonally, making it a bit more threatening. The key to defeating him is simply to lure him toward the north side of the room, then run to the south and try to stay just one step to the LEFT of his forward shots. Then turn around and shoot him with your sword beams -- his weak point basically seems to be his right eye (or, from the player's perspective, the left eye), but only when he's facing south. When he gets too close for comfort, try to run past him (dodging the diagonal shots as best as you can) so you can lure him to the north side of the room again, then rinse and repeat until he mutates into his third form.

This is where things get complicated. Whatever sword you were using when you beat his second form gets stuck on his body, thus removing it from your inventory and forcing you to go into the menu and equip the other sword. So if you were using Seilreet to beat his second form (as I assume you would be), you'll need to equip Sartarus for his third form, whereas if you were using Sartarus to beat his second form, you'll need to equip Seilreet for his third. When researching how to defeat this boss online (because, honestly, I was kind of stuck here), I did see one Japanese player suggest equipping Sartarus before defeating the second form so you have access to Seilreet for the third, so that IS what I did... but I later confirmed it doesn't actually matter, as Dothsurv's third form requires only ONE HIT to defeat, and that one hit can come from either sword. And since it has to be a direct hit from the blade, NOT from any of the waves/beams emitted by either sword, the lack of spread on Sartarus doesn't make any difference whatsoever. So you should definitely use Seilreet to defeat Dothsurv's second form, since he's a lot quicker and easier to take down that way.

So, yeah... the third form is tough. REALLY tough. It launches a spray of massive rocks at you that are REALLY hard to dodge from far away, though considerably easier to dodge from close proximity since they're more bunched together at that point (rightfully encouraging you through gameplay to stay in close quarters during the fight, which is a nice touch).

The key to beating Dothsurv's third form is to hit the sword that's stuck in his body with your OTHER sword, combining the powers of both for the final blow that takes him down. This is tricky, however, as the sword stuck in his body isn't always visible. If you watch him closely, you'll see it appear for a split second every few frames, jutting out from his left torso (or again, from the player's perspective, the right side of his body). You need to dodge his attacks and strike this exact spot from melee range while this exact frame is displayed on screen. This is NOT easy to do, and you're probably going to need every Zan Riksche +4 you've got before you're done -- and you may even need to run into a corner of the room and cast Renteponan to heal yourself, as you may run out of Zan Riksche +4s before the fight is over.

(Incidentally, I did try to use the Fe Riksche spell to freeze the boss in place and kill him that way, and while it DOES successfully freeze Dothsurv in place for a short time, it doesn't ever seem to freeze him with his weak point exposed, in any of his forms save for the first -- so Fe Riksche is, sadly, not particularly useful in this fight.)

So, yeah... Dothsurv's third form is truly the toughest boss in the game, but with enough perseverence, you CAN beat him. Do so, and he'll be absolutely incredulous, proclaiming that in order for him to be defeated by something as simple as the swords Seilreet and Sartarus, the god Eatils himself must have intervened, as the swords simply wouldn't have enough power to take him down otherwise.

In his dying breath, Dothsurv will yell something along the lines of, "Don't think you've seen the last of me! I'll be back! Just you wait!"

As Dothsurv's presence is removed from the world, the Unholy Tower will begin collapsing around you... but you're so exhausted from the battle that you can barely move at all, much less escape from the eighth floor of a collapsing tower. Resigned to your fate, you collapse to the ground, satisfied that even though you're going to die, you died making a real difference in the world -- you basically saved everyone, and became a true hero.

Suddenly, you see an image of your brother Charl -- of Leschel Karos -- appear before you, and assume that this means you're officially dead. Instead, the specter tells you you're very much alive, and that he's using the last ounce of his strength to safely remove you from this doomed tower. He says his goodbyes to you, and you say your goodbyes to him... and then, he begins chanting a spell, after which there's a flash of light, you're out of the tower.

INSERT START DISK. (I'm not just typing this to be funny, but because the notice to insert the Start Disk is in Japanese, and this is the only time you're ever actually told to insert the Start Disk specifically, so I figure it's worth noting here!)

The ending begins with Mirim trying to rouse you. You wake up to find yourself on a hill overlooking Contrabal Tower, which dissolves away into nothingness before your eyes. Apparently, you appeared here, safely away from the chaos in Contrabal proper -- and Mirim knew to look for you here because she heard your voice, along with another voice (a very sweet, princely-sounding voice) telling her to come and collect you. You explain to her that that voice belonged to your brother, Charl... also known as Leschel Karos. She's confused, but you agree to explain everything to her on the way back to Saia.

Standing before the king of Saia, you explain the whole situation to him, and he congratulates you on a job well done. Apparently, with Bachmane in utter chaos after its entire ruling class was wiped out, there's talk of re-establishing Saris, and you've been asked to lead those efforts. You impolitely decline, however, saying that you'd rather DIE than live the stuffy, restrictive life of a king -- you plan to go off on further adventures, no matter what anyone has to say about it. The king and Al (stupid Al!) both beg you to reconsider, asking you how the people of Saris will rebuild without you, and you tell him that they don't need you in order to rebuild -- they're strong people, fully capable of governing themselves.

The king gives up on trying to convince you to end your life of adventure and settle down, and Mirim immediately proclaims that she plans to join you on your adventure, no matter WHAT her father has to say about it! (This summary doesn't convey just how obnoxiously persistent she is about this, repeating over and over things like, "I'm going! I'M GOING! I AM GOING, AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME!") The king and Al (again, stupid Al -- where were you during my final mission through the Unholy Tower?!) both lecture her about this, reminding her that her primary goal right now should be to find a husband so the next generation of Saia's ruling family can be born. He asks if she has any prospects, and she says she just might... a man who's not necessarily "the one," but seems like he has the potential to BECOME "the one." The king is very pleased to hear this, and asks her to bring this man to the castle so he may be evaluated. She says that this might be a bit of a problem, because the man she's got her eye on is like the wind -- he's always on the move, hard to keep in one place for very long. The king says that that sounds rather troublesome, and orders Mirim to accompany you on your quest so she may search for this man who's like the wind, forbidding her from returning to Saia until he's been found. She's all too happy to do so (because gee, I wonder who the man in question could be!), though you certainly have a few reservations about it! You try to sneak away without her, but she'll have NONE of that, latching on to your arm and basically informing you that she WILL be traveling with you from here on out, whether you like it or not!

Roll credits.

Thus ends "Rune Worth: The Young Noble in Black" -- an underrated gem of a game from 1990 that Japanese T&E Soft fans seem to think of unofficially as Hydlide 4. Personally, though, I'd say Rune Worth has a very different feel from the Hydlide games, and while it does definitely take a few missteps (Fe Raenote!!!), it's overall a really unique and interesting game for its time that I definitely feel deserves a lot more attention than it seems to have gotten.

Maybe in the future, I'll write similar guides for Rune Worth 2 and 3 -- who knows?

Anyway, I hope this has been of some help to somebody, and if you've read this far, I thank you for reading! Happy MSXing, and have a great night!

*** END ***

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Thank you very much for this walk through!
This should be reason enough to play this great game again, this time with all the background story!
Thanks, man.

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New version of DISC A

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I have completed the game!!! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers Running Naked in a Field of Flowers Running Naked in a Field of Flowers
Thank you for you guide and support!!!

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