Qusetion: dumping a cassette tape

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By TomH

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20-12-2017, 16:10

missumj wrote:

.cmt image

This does not say anything to me...

I spent ten minutes looking for a .cmt file format definition, thinking that maybe I'm just ignorant, but it appears that CMT is just some sort of initialism for cassette interface.

I think the author means to ask about cas files, since he is asking about wav2cas. In which case, yes, wav2cas is built to handle input that was recorded from a normal tape player.

By msx45

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20-12-2017, 16:18

Hello ,
this is a solution (in French) :


By missumj

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20-12-2017, 16:33

Sorry my fault. it was '.cas file'. i was working with some PC-88 game files which the extensions are .cmt and i forgot here is 'MSX Resource Center'. my english is very poor since i am not from an english-speaking country... sorry.

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