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10-06-2023, 21:22

The rumors were true. The news spread quickly in the criminal underworld.

MSX computers are not safe anymore. All the important information into their roms and subroms can be reached easily.

At the push of a button ALL SLOTS and ALL pages are cloned at once, without mercy.

The brand new Power Chupin 2.0 has just been released worldwide to strike terror in the MSX community.

Bill Gates, upon hearing the news, ran to his mega vault and threw all his MSX computers to try to avoid the inevitable.

- "Oh my God. My deepest fears are surfacing right now. What can I do against the enormous power of this tool? A single button and everything is extracted automatically? What about my copyright on the BIOS?"

All in vain. Nothing can stop the power of this tool. Bankruptcy knocked on Mr. Gates...

Experts from the underground world started cloning thousands of MSX computer ROMS that had never been touched before.

Now the tool has a "64k Backup" mode that simply scans all SLOTS (Automatically detects if there are expanded Slots) and generates 64k files (with all 4 pages of memory).

Then just analyze the generated ROMS with a hexadecimal tool such as "Hex Editor Neo" to cut out the pages that contain useful data.

And several other modes are available:

01 - 16k (0000h)
02 - 16k (4000h)
03 - 16k (8000h)
04 - 32k (0000h)
05 - 32k (4000h)
06 - 64k
07 - 64k (Backup) [Auto Cloning Mode]
08 - 128k (Konami / AscII 8k / AscII 16k)
09 - 256k (Konami / AscII 8k / AscII 16k)
10 - 512k (Konami / AscII 8k / AscII 16k)
11 - 1024k (Konami / AscII 8k / AscII 16k)
12 - 2048k (Konami / AscII 8k / AscII 16k)
13 - 4096k (AscII 16k only)

Modes 08-13 are for cartridges with mappers.

After pressing the ENTER key, everything connected to the MSX (internal Bios and Subroms, Game Cartridge EPROM, IDE ROM, disk Interface EPROM, etc) is copied to your floppy disk or SD card, automatically generating the files.

See the generated files in this example:
It detected that Slot 3 was expanded and generated 4 files for that Slot. (1 for each Subslot).

And the news does not stop there. DSKPRO's incredible file manager was incorporated into the tool, making life a lot easier for the MSX user. Now it is possible to browse through the directories of your Mega Mapper, Carnivore 2, MegaFlashROM or compatible to select the destination directory for the generated files.

To do so, just press the "S" key, which will open an incredible file viewer where you can choose the destination directory (SET PATH).
Then just press "N" to set the file name.

Remember that in "64k Backup" mode the names are set automatically. You only need to choose the destination directory in this case.

And it is now also possible to return to DOS on exit.

Everything to transform the common MSX user into a real professional one.

PS: Police department advises: Only use this tool to copy purchased games for personal backup.

Download the tool now using the link below:

Have fun!

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By cbsfox

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15-06-2023, 23:53

### POWER CHUPIN 2.50 ### POWER CHUPIN 2.50 ###

Now it has the most advanced memory dumper ever made for MSX.

Press "M" key to open the dumper.

You can select the Slot and Sub-Slot you want through all the 4 (16k) memory pages.

And if you want to check the contents of your megarom cart, you can do it by accessing page 2 of the memory (0x8000 until 0xBFFF).
Then you select the mapper type using the "T" key. And to see all pages from the megarom cart, you just need to use the keys "<" and ">".}

It supports the 3 main mappers (Konami, AscII-8 and AscII-16), covering the majority of the existing cartridges in the market.

Download the tool using the link below:

Enjoy it!

By cjs

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16-06-2023, 06:11

Have you considered open-sourcing this?