Pleasure Hearts: English translation and multiple ending

By Takamichi

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08-01-2022, 17:43

Recently Pleasure Hearts the horizontal shmup was translated to English and the patch is available. Please see the news/patch/excellent details. Some texts are not the literal translations but were transcreated with due care.
What's more, the game is revealed to have normal (bad) and Good endings. To see the latter, avoid picking the gem at the seeming end of the game and wait for a while, then something surprising happens ;)

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By Takamichi

Paladin (667)

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08-01-2022, 18:03

The antagonist's name is Jakoin Maina, Does anyone agree Maina implies the English word miner because she prepares the stones the player collects?

By sdsnatcher73

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09-01-2022, 06:54

I agree that they must have meant Miner. Thanks for the translation!

By Takamichi

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09-01-2022, 07:19

You will be really be excited to know that the game has a HIDDEN FINAL BOSS (scroll down)

By tfh

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09-01-2022, 11:17

And for those who would like to have a go at it straight away: You can play it ONLINE HERE!

By Sebbeug

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09-01-2022, 11:38

Thanks Takamichi !
Like this game very much ! Cave spirit !

By Grauw

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09-01-2022, 23:05

I loved reading that illustrated playthrough thread on talking-time. I knew of the game but now I’ve gotten a much deeper look at it. The game is technically super impressive, has a lot of fun details, and gives the 8 sprites per line limit the finger. Amazing that it runs on plain MSX2 with so many complex bullet patterns moving on screen.

Also, deserves a newspost Smile.

By Takamichi

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11-02-2022, 15:56

Updated Ver 1.01 is out. The good ending is more accurate. I helped Yim the translator with suggestions. Pleasure Hearts is filled with hard to get in-jokes and trivia.
One thing: "GR" stat is short for Gourmet Rate which, according to the manual, affects the score increase and rare item pickup chance.

If you are finding this game too difficult, it's good to know CREDIT (continues) increases so fast that after a few hours of repetitive playing you'll be able to beat the game by mashing the bomb button and continuing. To facilitate, you can enable autofire/Ren Sha Turbo and fast forward (openMSX: F8) on an emulator and hold (with a finger/weight/plastic tape/...) SPACE/button A and within a few minutes of automatic playing/dying the CREDIT will increase above 10!

By Takamichi

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04-10-2022, 16:44

Ver 1.02 is out. The updates beside the readme are the names of the attacks launched by the stage 3/4 midbosses (biplane and jet plane) and the stage 4 boss (tiny). Watch them without killing/capturing and you'll see. One of them MUSKA.38 was taken from that Castle in the Sky villain!


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05-10-2022, 01:25

This is a neat game that I like a lot! I have the original and I have not thought that this kind of SHMUP would benefit from translation, but ok, ok... I think it is time to try the translation as well. Smile I now did read trough the comments in Talking Time and it seems that you have really put quite some effort to get something so wrong so right. Smile

This game is really technical masterpiece and it seems to have also hidden stuff that I didn't even know of. In general it has really lots of weird/original stuff going on. Personally I find it really nice ie. that the main menu navigation works using Finnish flag (or that is at least how I see it), but then again my irritation is at max with the font... Those "O" and "X" are not artistic, they are just broken! ...and I would like to fix "D" and "F" as well. Smile Due to my nationality I even tend to read "O" as "Ö" instead, so I'm just a bit afraid that playing the translated version will just push these most irritating details even more to my face than before... Luckily no one can prevent me from fixing the font behind closed doors if the situation proves to be unbearable in the end. Smile

By AxelStone

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07-10-2022, 08:07

Thanks for the translation of this master piece. Perhaps it's the moment to play again.