By djh1697

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11-06-2020, 20:40

I am using a MRFRSCC+SD, is there a utility to do a directory sort?

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By DarkSchneider

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11-06-2020, 21:27

Any that sorts the FAT table.
I used one similar in Windows but don’t remember the name.

By Manuel

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11-06-2020, 21:27

Multi Mente can do it. But be careful when there are more than 255 directories. Then it bugs out, if I remember correctly. There are probably also separate tools, any MSX-DOS2 tool to do it will do it for you.

By Manuel

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11-06-2020, 23:16

E.g. - not sure if it's safe on modern Nextoer/DOS2, better test first in emulator :)

By Grauw

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11-06-2020, 23:27

Improve can also sort the directory. However it, Multi Mente and DSORT only support FAT12 partitions. To sort FAT16 partitions, the fatsort tool that DarkSchneider recommended is a good choice for Linux and macOS systems. Meits reported in this thread that he used a Windows tool called Fatsorter.

Personally I don’t really use these tools, however I do use the sort function in Multi Mente quite often. On a FAT16 partitiion you can’t write it back to disk but I think it’s quick enough that I don’t need to.

By gdx

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12-06-2020, 02:45

Manuel wrote:

Multi Mente can do it.

But only on disks formatted in FAT12 with the MSX-DOS 2. It cannot sort on disks formatted with Nextor.

M File Manager and Sofarun sort files in the Ram before displaying but this is a bit slow when there are many files.