MSX Konami Games list 5.0 release coming!

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By Stt1

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19-10-2021, 12:16

MajorTOM wrote:

Still missing any information regarding Reg Cards Numbers attached for each Game…

I have collected this information to Excel table for few years (and another MSX collector started the list before me). There is no *exact* information available for that all, because:

- Some print rounds of the software did not contain the reg card at all, sometimes the card was included (even with reprint of the same title). The fact that no reg card was always present has been confirmed by buying never opened still shrink wrapped game and opening it for checking contents.
- Some print rounds of the same software did not have similar reg card - so same title of the software may have contained, depending from print round: no reg card, older reg card or newer type of card.
- With the used software it's also a little bit questionable if the contents have been altered - ie. somebody added reg card to a software which did not originally have one. And if the possibly altered content is correctly "dated" with the print of the software...

Adding the data of reg cards, advertisement material, etc. (and all the detected variations) takes some time and the list format may need to be re-designed. Think about 6.0 version or so.

What comes generally to the registration cards: Konami reg cards are "multipurpose" cards for several games and platforms. There is a field to fill which software you bought with the card and for which computer the software was (for example MSX (MSX, 2, 2+), X68000, PC88, PC98...). I have myself confirmed a few exactly similar (compared to ones with MSX games) registration cards from Konami X68000 and PC98 games.

By MajorTOM

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19-10-2021, 23:37

Thank You ! Very much Saku as allways for sharing your knowledge & expertise

Best Regards

By Avkooi

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20-10-2021, 23:52

In the recent years I was lucky enough to buy some Konami games that came with extra's. Besides some advertisements for Konami music CD's and tapes that most of us have seen, I also own all of the Salamander telephone cards (finally!) and a rare, at least I haven't seen it anywhere else, ruler that came with Pennant Race and a leaflet mentioning the extra possibilies of the second Game Master Cartridge RC-755.

Most common (I think) music flyer:

Another music advertisement:

Salamander telephone cards, 2 unused

Pennant Race extra's

Does somebody know or has more exclusive Konami goodies that came with games? Or are they already in a list somewhere?

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