KSSPLAY usage in openMSX 0.15

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By sdsnatcher73

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17-03-2019, 14:47

Pretty much, judge for yourself: Theme of Katherine 1 from SD-Snatcher recorded on Panasonic FS-A1ST with Snatcher RA-004 Sound Cartridge. But I agree it does sound bad. The track from Snatcher is a lot better: Theme of Katherine 1 from Snatcher recorded on FS-A1ST with Snatcher RA-004 Sound Cartridge

Makes me wonder why it sounds so off for the SD-Snatcher version.

By ren

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17-03-2019, 16:32

Nice, thanks for recording! Yes, I do notice it in various recordings on the web as well.

For some reason in_msx (libkss) seems to smooth these clicks out or something. (Although you can still hear (alternate) artifacts.)

Regarding the difference in the songs here: they're not the same arrangements, or compositions even. So that makes it difficult to compare the two I think. Still, yes, the Snatcher track definitely sounds better/proper Smile

(For the record: the Snatcher track is called Innocent Girl.)

Did you also check MG2:SS perhaps?

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