Improving MSX-DOS2 ISR

By DarkSchneider

Paladin (930)

DarkSchneider's picture

02-10-2019, 12:57

I was thinking about that on computers plenty of RAM the ISR and its BIOS accesses could be improved. The "driver" process would be like:
- Reserve a segment as system.
- Clone BIOS into that segment.
- Modify MSX-DOS2 38H called function to change the inter-slot call by inter-segment call.

By this way all devices could be attended much faster, specially when they place their handler into HKEYI.
Software that directly does inter-slot calls to BIOS would not benefit, but those that relies into system ISR and call BIOS directly within the hooks, without inter-slot, yes.

There could be any problem installing a driver like this? How many inter-segment calls can be stacked?, as maybe the own handler uses it assuming having plenty of them.

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