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26-04-2020, 21:44

I had my first MSX circa 1985, it was a brazilian Hotbit, and I was an enthusiastic developer. Unfortunately, I was able to develop only with MSX Basic language, my access to books and software was difficult.

Nowadays, browsing my MSX files collection, I was thinking of an application that could be useful - some of its features already exist in other applications available, but I think of something that could join them into a single application. Here's what it could do:

- open MSX Basic files and export them to ASC format so they can be opened in any modern text editor, and vice versa
- freely convert between CAS, DSK, ROM, XSA file types, and extract their contents
- open, edit (add, delete, update) and extract .PMA files (I was expecting 7-ZIP do to that, but nothing so far)
- recognize and rename CAS, DSK, ROM, XSA files according to developer, year it was released (using an external, editable text file)
- batch conversion so entire collections can be edited
- view MSX texts, source codes, file pictures, etc. inside these file formats
- play MSX music from these files

I don't think of a new emulator, just an application to view and organize file collections. Please have your say.

Regards, Franklin

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