How to get MSX Disk games working on OpenMSX

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By Manuel

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20-09-2019, 21:34

Vahan wrote:

Looks like tfh was right. The reason I use OpenMSX is because it surpassed BlueMSX in terms of accuracy. BlueMSX isn't being updated anymore for reasons I have no idea why. However, BlueMSX is more user-friendly, so I decided to use BlueMSX for disks and OpenMSX for cartridges.

Hopefully, a new version of OpenMSX will come out with disk support for C-BIOS.

That's not very likely to happen. There isn't any development going on in the C-BIOS project for several years.

But can you tell us whether you got things working now with openMSX? I won't rest until it works for you!

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