Help me Identify an old game

By Jimmy

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29-07-2020, 14:39

Ok so this might be a bit difficult but I have a very vague memory from my early childhood about a game that I played only once. It was a detective game. Someone was killed and everybody in the room (all players) have to be questioned. the game asked me and a lot of my family members many questions and we answered. finally, it decided that a relative of mine was the murderer and that he killed the man using a candelabra.
I "think" that the cassette tape cover of the game had (among other things) a medieval armour.
Again, I am not sure guys but this is a game that I played only once about 29 or 30 years ago!!

Feeling nostalgic and would be so happy if you can find it. I am sure that a family member was exposed as the murderer and that the weapon he used was a candelabra.

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By Parn

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29-07-2020, 16:19

Looks like Cluedo. Take a look:

Cluedo for MSX Screenshots

By Jimmy

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03-08-2020, 06:55

I don't recall the graphics at all but it fits all criteria so safe to say it is indeed this game. Thank you very much Parn

By Jimmy

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03-08-2020, 07:10

Now you'd be a real legend if you can help me with this:

I (think) that on the same day we played another game which had very simple 3d graphics! I remember it was like going around a building (in an elevated floor) in a balcony or something, But me and the kid playing with me failed to achieve any more progress than this. It was 30 years ago so forgive my vagueness.

Also, is there any msx game with has (among other things) a medieval armour on its cassette art? (Not worn, just in the midst of a heap of other items.

By OeiOeiVogeltje

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03-08-2020, 09:55

finders keepers or stormbringer maybe?

By Manuel

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03-08-2020, 10:12