Help!!! 2 .dsk files need to be debugged

By Oerlikon3590

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13-04-2023, 16:55

Good day, people!

This week I had a big headache trying to solve the problem with the file loading in blueMSX-libretro or FMSX-libretro emulators for the next 2 .dsk file games:

- Ale Hop! (1988)(Topo Soft)(es).
- Wall, The (1987)(Erbe Software).

It seems that for the second file there is no problem with the Retroarch FMSX core, but it like to have the help of any of the experts here to debug the .BAS file inside the disk archive in order to have the same effect with the blueMSX core (everytime I try to load it in this core, i have a loading error message). It would be great to enjoy this game with the screen crop option in this emulator.

For the "Ale Hop!" game, the loading always happens with and endless rebooting for the .dsk file. I'm pretty sure the problem is also in the .BAS archive that runs the whole loading, but because I have no idea of MSX BASIC programming, I am not able to solve both of these issues...

Please if someone has any clue to solve it or to get good roms for the blueMSX-libretro for the 2 games (except the .cas files, I prefer not to type the loading commands each time for the game loading), I would be gratefull.

Have a nice day.

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By ray2day

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13-04-2023, 18:46

AFAIK this original this is tape(/cassette) software... so, I would inspect the binairy files and .BAS loader.

By Oerlikon3590

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13-04-2023, 20:31

Really thankful, mate.