Finally, Spellbound for the MSX

By CASDuino

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09-03-2023, 21:32

Spellbound by David Jones is finally on it's way to the MSX.

Here is a video of it in action.

Thank you to Tracy Lewis for making an old mans dream come true.

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By Manuel

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09-03-2023, 21:56

Very cool! The other games were quite good ports, I think. This one looks definitely on par with them!

By CASDuino

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10-03-2023, 01:32

I have the C64, CPC, and Spectrum versions of all 4 Magic Knight games and I've always thought the MSX versions were superior (although I've not played the 128k Spectrum versions), and I think Tracy has done Spellbound justice from this video.
I'm really excited by this.

By Timmy

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11-03-2023, 12:05

I guess it's nice that there is finally a port for the MSX.

I must say that, I mostly remembered that this game was very hard to finish. It has a very tight time limit that make it impossible to finish it casually without some POKEs. The game also has some mechanics that won't work if you turned off the timer. I hope not too many of these features were ported to the MSX version.