Dumping special format rom

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04-07-2020, 07:52

Great! I can't look them right away now, work issue, but I'll return to this subject later.


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04-07-2020, 11:46

Yes, I THINK we got all of it...

By OeiOeiVogeltje

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04-07-2020, 11:59

now everybody goes knitting....


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04-07-2020, 12:19

OeiOeiVogeltje wrote:

now everybody goes knitting....

Well... not at least quite yet... I think it would require some hardware support as well...
If someone is interested, here is the shit I did to make it post:

cd /temp/knit
extb shit
debug set_watchpoint write_io 4 {} {carta PAGE[expr {[$::wp_last_value /16)&3}].ROM}
carta PAGE3.ROM

Here is my shit.xml extension:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>


By Louthrax

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04-07-2020, 13:03

Is this just a "knitting-oriented" drawing tool ? If yes why all the huge hardware around (or is there a knitting device that can be plugged in) ??

By gdx

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04-07-2020, 15:02

Just two Roms and a slot for a memory (probably SRAM) card. This software seems support the HAL Laboratory Handy Scanner (inserted in another slot).

Perhaps the sram is used as SRAM-disk. That would justify the many components. Otherwise it is only to manage the mapping of the two ROMs and the SRAM.

By Takamichi

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04-07-2020, 15:57

After the titles screen, does the designing screen with mouse-controlled cursor show up? If so it's fine.
Conceptual diagram here The knitting machine SK-581 is not connected to the Knit Designer (KD2) or MSX real time, you have to remove the memory card from KD2 and insert it in another device U-BOX controlling the knitting machine.
When KD2 is running on a MSX a printer and a scanner interface (which is connected to a scanner) can be connected to the MSX but not directly to the KD2. KD2 works fine without them. KD2 actually boots without the memory card.
SK-581 and U-BOX are available at around 10000 and 6000 yen respectively. They work like this.
Forgot one thing: KD2 has no megaROM or MSX logo, neither on itself nor manual. One more: The memory card requires a button cell so it's probably a common backup SRAM.


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04-07-2020, 19:29

It never ceases to amaze me the different applications the MSX was used for Big smile . Thank you Takamichi for letting us know about it. If someone wants to buy this rarity...


By Manuel

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04-07-2020, 21:56

So, NYYRIKKI, can you describe how it works?

How large is the total ROM and what happens with these 4 I/O ports exactly?

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