autoexec.bas files

By Hypersoft

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01-06-2023, 23:20

Where can i find some nice autoexec.bas files, for my own discs, i want to change them for my own discs

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By JohnHassink

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02-06-2023, 02:44

What would you like to do, exactly?
Do you mean a program that creates a visual menu from available .BAS and .LDR files on the disk?
Or do you wish to know how to modify an AUTOEXEC.BAS file?

By Hypersoft

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02-06-2023, 09:12

Maybe borh

By Manuel

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02-06-2023, 17:38

By FiXato

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03-06-2023, 14:37

to load the code.
to list the source.
Or add line numbers to show just a range of it:
LIST 10-150

To edit a line, just list it, and make the changes you want, and hit ENTER key on it to commit the changes to memory.
To insert a line, type a new line by starting it with the number that's in between the lines you want to insert it at, followed by a space and the code. Smile

Once you are happy with all your changes, you can save it to disk:

Plenty of books on The Internet Archive if you want to learn more about MSX BASIC:

By Hypersoft

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05-06-2023, 17:38

I saw this menu on Marktplaats, and maybe can help me where I can find this menu