Are there are online games for MSX?

By foody

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14-10-2021, 05:05

Is it possible someone can list the names of games for MSX that are multiplayer or MMORPG or online game? Even if they exist in SymbOS. Thanks in advance.

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By santiontanon

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14-10-2021, 06:14

"Conclave of the dark lord" is a recent multiplayer online game for MSX:

By foody

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14-10-2021, 07:16

BEAUTIFUL!!! THAT MEANS the person I am playing with is live person..behind MSX computer using that ethernet cartridge heheh to play with me!!!! AWESOME!! Can we chat while we play the game?? It would be sweet if we can chat!!

We need more online MSX games. Backgammon, battleship, crazy 8, even a real full fledge MMORPG game with big world....we need more online MSX games...more and more and more.

Maybe in future we will have a skype like application (no video or audio support of course, just text chat) would be great!!

By foody

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14-10-2021, 07:18

What MSX is missing comics online. A ROM or even SymboOS application where I can pick garfield, wizard of id, etc from selection of comics or search for it...and then it renders it to 16 colors MSX or max amount of colors based on the type of hardware you have and with arrow keys I can scroll back and forth and read comics online. You need to have your MSX hooked online to read the comics...

Maybe even read book online...another ROM or SymboOS application where we can shop for available books to read online and bookmark it...for next time you go login you can resume what you are reading will be sweet.

By Randam

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14-10-2021, 07:59

There were links games that were ment to be played "online". The links network has gone sadly. I don't know if the functionality could be remade now through the internet (probably a tough challenge).

Two msx emulators have net play: fmsx on your phone or tablet and webmsx. With those you could play couch coop over the net.

But I too wish there would be some more online msx games.