YAY ! Found the original Amazing Maze disk !

By foske

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21-11-2007, 20:33

I found the -still working- original disk of Amazing Maze, a little game (well.. 25 screens of maze) I wrote in 1993-1994 for promotional purposes of the MSX GG Tilburg.

I hereby donate the game to the world, question is: how ?

It's a version which contains a minor bug (one of the teleports crashes the game). I want to have that fixed which basically means I have to alter one byte in the binary. Unfortunately I got no source code anymore, so I'll have to do some diskediting magic.

So the code is 13 years old, and so are my assembly skills on Z80... can someone hint me to the fastest way to get this one byte ( I also have to find out which one) fixed ?

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By AuroraMSX

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21-11-2007, 22:37

I hereby donate the game to the world, question is: how ?Why not submit it to the MRC's download corner? *clicky* :)

By foske

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21-11-2007, 22:42

Thanks for the tip, but first I want it fixed !


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22-11-2007, 00:52

Download Super-X from my site.

It is perfect for all kind of binary patching / debugging.

By Manuel

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22-11-2007, 09:00

That, or use DiskView 2 on MSX or any kind of binary/hex editor on PC. (That's only for editing, not for debugging, of course...)

By foske

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26-11-2007, 20:45

Well... can't find the bug yet, maybe I fixed it already. Might well be, looking at the date of the binary. Anyway, it is submitted to the download section. Have fun, I'll continue to get my debugging skills back on track...