Where to find misix ?

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By Error51

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31-03-2010, 02:35

to Error51
Where did you get working MISIX, and how you installed it properly? I'd really like to know because I can't make it work on my MSX (Beer ROM ver 1.9 RC1).
I tried to copy all files from MISIX archive to fresh formatted (active and boot sector fixed by HPREP) partition, but that doesn't work somewhy. My MSX starts up, shows up detected HDD, tries to start up from HDD, and all what I get is just blank blue screen, or continious reboot... QuestionEek!

Sorry for my bad English Smile

Send me an email, my adress is in my account. I´m not english spoken, but you can write to me in Spanish or English, surely we will understand to each other.

I´ll send You my misix.

By gdx

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30-11-2020, 13:15

If someone still search MiSiX, it can be found here.

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