What game do you want to play and you can´t find?

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By LeandroCorreia

Paladin (955)

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15-03-2006, 14:09

The topic says it all, what is the kind of game do you want to play (not necessarily MSX-speaking) and you can´t find anywhere to buy? Tell us, please... Smile

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By Xan0ri

Master (174)

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15-03-2006, 14:21

"Vampire" for MSX-1, made by codemasters in 1986.
I Had the original tape when i was kid, but I sold it.
There was this one point I reached and I could'nt figure out how to proceed.
It has always bugged me since. :/

By hap

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15-03-2006, 14:26

Crazy Golf on MSX1, I own it on cassette, but it's long dead.
Seems to be a speccy port: http://www.clive.nl/detail/23530/

By LeandroCorreia

Paladin (955)

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15-03-2006, 18:05

No, guys, I mean:

What KIND of game you want to play and you can´t find?

By Konamito

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15-03-2006, 18:14

Platform style games ¿?

By wolf_

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15-03-2006, 18:36

Psycho World-clones

By jltursan

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15-03-2006, 19:06


By pitpan

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15-03-2006, 19:33

XanOri: just in case, the game VAMPIRE, published by Codemasters, was originally programmed by Dinamic with a different name, PHANTOMAS 2. Just have a look at Google and maybe you will be lucky.

It is the same game, with minor graphic changes. Enjoy! It's an excellent platform game.

By Xan0ri

Master (174)

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15-03-2006, 21:02

pitpan: thanks dude

lets see if I can find it now.. Smile


Enlighted (6709)

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15-03-2006, 22:58

I whould see a port of the Intellivision game AD&D to msx

The game is almost an arcade, not a RPG, but there are many aspects able to give strong emotions to the player.
The port shouldn't be "accurate" in the sense that the game inty game AD&D should be only a starting point.

The main part of the game is in dungeons; the whole intellivision game is 16Kbyte so the strength of the game is in
the AI of monsters, in the AI of the maze generator (not stored but generated at each play) and in the game mechanisms.

The player in the dungeon is alone and has a bow and a limited number of arrows.
The player can walk (no noise) or run (doing foot step noise).
The player can count the remaining arrows.
The player can collect items from the ground (no auto pick up).
The player can run/walk in 8 direction and hit arrows in 8 directions independent from the movement direction
using the keyboard and joypad of the controller at the same time.

In the dungeon:

1) the player sees only the explored part of the dungeon, the unexplored part is in the dark
2) in the dark you can find monsters of many kind, that can run much faster than you and depending on the kind
of monster could need many arrows to be killed
3) the monsters see you and attack when
a) you unveil the dark where they are and see them,
b) you send an arrow in the dark and hit them
c) you do noise by running (maybe because another monster is already hunting you)
4) the player can find hints on the floor which say that a monster is close, but the hint doesn't say in which direction the monster is. Some
kinds of very armful monsters leave no hints.
5) in some cases the player can hear sounds from monsters laying in the dark (depending on the kind of monster)
6) some monsters are armless (bats and spiders) but bats cover sounds from other monsters in the dark and spiders steal arrows from the your backpack
7) in the rooms of the dungeon (usually where you have found a monster) the player can find:
a) new arrows
b) axes to be used outside the dungeon to pass forests
c) boat to be used outside the dungeon to pass rivers
d) fortress keys to be used outside the dungeon to pass fortress ports
e) the way out from the dungeon

Outside the dungeon the game has a "strategic" part:
1) the dungeons are caves in mountains
2) only mountains with dungeons can be passed (going into the dungeon)
3) between mountains there are
a) grasslands (you can pass)
b) forests (you need an axe)
c) rivers (you need a boat)
d) walls of abandoned fortresses with ports (you need a fortress key)

The goal is to go from your village to the volcano mountain (very well defended by forests, walls, rivers, and other mountains)
In the volcano mountain there are two dragons that hold two part of a crown. You need to collect both parts and join them

Do you like the idea?

In the dungeons there is no music but only sound effects but each noise make you jump from the seat.

By Gilneas2

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15-03-2006, 22:59

OOT, in reply to wolf_: Has the English translation of Psycho World been released yet?

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