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09-05-2004, 00:34

imho: Fat12 has a fixed set of clusters. This will cause the behaviour what I was talking about. Somehow Fat16 can alter the number of cluster, where it is fixed in Fat12.

By dhau

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09-05-2004, 05:44

Hi guys, please don't get angry, but I have another question:

Would it be hard to rework SunRise, Okei's and hacked 2.41 to support FAT32?

If the work was dote for FAT16, I don't think it's impossible, but then again, at this moment of time I'm far from being subject matter expect in this domain.

By [D-Tail]

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09-05-2004, 09:47

Why would you want to use FAT32? With FAT16, you can already use up to 2GB on one partition. I myself have 400MB in use of my 4.3GB HDD. So I think FAT32 would be a little too far out of the way, really. Maybe it'd be better to improve the FAT16 driver program, so it would actually support more than only those BDOS calls.

I'm not getting angry LOL!, I just don't think FAT32 is really necessary on MSX.

By the way: ever tried to copy an EVA movie from a CD to your HDD? It seems that the copying would never finish, even with a 8MB movie...

I'm using a MSX Turbo R FS-A1ST with a Sunrise ATA-IDE/RS232c combo AND a loose Sunrise ATA-IDE. With HDSPEED it seems I've got a transfer rate of about 300kB/second, even using Alex Wulms' R800-Drive! This little tool will ensure the R800 will be turned on during disk access concerning specified drives. I heard a Novaxis SCSI could already do 450kB/s on a MSX2! Now I'm wondering, why is that IDE that slow?! :S

By msd

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09-05-2004, 10:29

. I heard a Novaxis SCSI could already do 450kB/s on a MSX2! Now I'm wondering, why is that IDE that slow?! :S This is not true. I made a hack of the novaxis rom and get about 348KB/s on a 7.16Mhz msx2+. But indeed the ide is slow on the turbo r. I'veen seen speed upto 600KB/s on a turbo r with novaxis scsi.

One thing is for sure, the Turbo R runs code from a cartigde much slower then code run in internall ram. The hack I made for the novaxis rom actually slows it down on turbo r. I changed a inir to a lot of ini's. If the ide interface code uses something like this it then it sure explains why it is so slow.

By [D-Tail]

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09-05-2004, 13:03

Couldn't Jon modify its BIOS then, so it would transfer faster? I mean, 300kB on my Turbo R is half of the 600 of the Novaxis! Sad

By Manuel

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09-05-2004, 14:27

I don't think I have seen more than 450kB/s on my Novaxis on TurboR. That's an 1.59.64 BIOS, untouched by msd....

By snout

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09-05-2004, 15:43

There is a thread on improving the IDE BIOS right here. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Jon feels like improving the IDE BIOS (or Compass 2.0) these days... :/

By snout

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09-05-2004, 15:48

Perhaps it's a good idea to disassemble the IDE BIOS (or to get it open-source first hand from Jon) to see what can be improved? I've got 512kB FLASH RAM in it, room enough for improvement/extra features. I'd love to see some decent MegaSCSI-like FDD emulation Wink

By sunrise

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09-05-2004, 23:01

Let's assume MSD is right and let's focus first on 348 kB , what should be at least possible .
I would appreciate it if I try again to contact Jon in cooperation with us since we deliver the bios ,snout.
you know as much as I that we discussed all in the topic.
And also the best discussed item if you ask me !
Even we asked jon several times to give us the source, but he never did !

By [D-Tail]

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09-05-2004, 23:49

Does he still have plans to work on it then? Otherwise I wouldn't see harm in distributing the sources... I mean, with all due credit of course Wink

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