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By BiFi

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11-02-2005, 23:01

Maybe they want it to become just as popular as START.COM by renaming it like that.

By SMDNearDark

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12-02-2005, 01:57

Maybe they want it to become just as popular as START.COM by renaming it like that.

I started it to look at the disassembly of because sd-snatcher did'nt start from ide hdd/ ide compactflash, but it changed so much that it isn't like in any way you choose to see it.

I recoded so much that you can't compare it to anymore, the only thing you can compare is that it only supports sector based games, but that will change if i have enough time for development.

Great Smile. By the way... Why did you call the file and not


You are right, i just renamed it to which can be downloaded from our site in the section downloads.

It will change a lot if i have enough time for development, my real goal is to get all microcabin games to work with runit like Xak/Fray, if i succeeed i'll post the update here.

Ofcourse as more games will be supported ill post it here as well.

If somebody has some sector based games which don't work with runit or games which do work but which i didn't mention please post them here or maill me at "smd at neardark dot nl"

By Grauw

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12-02-2005, 15:15

Looking forward to it! お楽しみになさい! (or uh, something)

By [D-Tail]

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12-02-2005, 16:27

You'd better written that in English, for Babelfish gives me an 'Enjoy!' here Tongue
Less complicated and everyone knows what you mean Wink

By GhostwriterP

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12-02-2005, 16:39

Great . By the way... Why did you call the file and not

Ever thought about F-5 Tongue?

By Grauw

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13-02-2005, 00:22

D-tail, it should mean 'looking forward to it' in Japanese -_-;;. Though I might have written 'look forward to it', which might be translatable as 'enjoy' as well... Heh, just marvel at my Japanese sk33lz will ya! ;p


p.s. yup, Excite says 'look forward' too. It’s just the er, suffix that’s wrong. But it should convey the meaning ;p.

By Grauw

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13-02-2005, 00:26

GhostP: doesn’t F5 do a carriage return? That makes it kinda useless... Smile Better call it ‘color’ or ‘auto’ then Smile.

By SMDNearDark

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29-10-2005, 00:34

if anyone would like it i can put the sources online as well but if it's open source i can't oversee all changes made so it would be the best way to mail it to me at marten75 at xs4all dot nl to put it for download on

maybe it's a good idea to do that because i have a project which needs all my attention at this time.

Ofcourse programmers will be added to the list Wink

btw i found out what really does:

it replaces ld ix,$4010 with ld ix,$FFA7

because and change the H.PHYD call (== $FFA7) $4010 has to be changed to call $FFA7

But as some games spindown the HDD the i need to change some calls so the spindowns wont happen again.

CF cards don't spindown (have no clou how it's possible) but anyway games that do it won't work on cf either.

This is why i have to make a generic patch file to change certain calls in games to get them working on HDD.

msd did get Aleste 2 working.
i patched some more to get disk changing to work as well.

look at my post in this topic to do it manually

I will make a generic to patch certain game to get it working from hdd like aleste2.
I will need a list of games which spin down the HDD because i dont have the 'time to check every game.

Programming and Doing a MCSE course isn't a good combination :S

By st1mpy

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22-09-2021, 14:46

I guess ver 2 needs DOS2. Was earlier version 1 of Runit DOS1? If so, where can I download it from please? Thanks

By meits

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22-09-2021, 15:17

I still have an original archive on my download page. It's from before we handed the whole project to Louthrax.
Could be the same as hosted at which seems to be back in business :)

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