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By pitpan

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16-01-2005, 19:16


I know very little about MSX2 games, but I have found a very interesting game, a kind of logical maze, included in two different issues of Peach Up magazine. The first part seems to be at Peach Up #4, disc one. And there is a kind of second part included in Peach Up Special #1, disc three.

It is all about a knight that has to find a key and open a door to the next level. There are different weapons: a staff against evil bubbles, a cross to beat the ghosts and a sword to kill the soldiers.

I am sure that most of you know that game. Now the question is pretty simple for those who are MSX2 game fans and/or know japanese: what is the complete name of the game translated to english? Who produced it? The copyright notice is also written in japanese.

Thank you in advance. Nice game. Nice concept. Nice graphics. And nice FM music aswell.

Edward Robsy

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By Mafcase

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16-01-2005, 19:33

To me it seems produced by: Momonoki House, Japan (just like the Peach Up disks)

the title?? sorry 'bout that one... My japanese ain't what it used to be anymore Tongue

By pitpan

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18-01-2005, 18:18

Yes, now I can confirm it: the producer of the game was Momonoki House, Japan, in 1990.

But I still need help to translate the name of the game! I am really curious about it.


By viejo_archivero

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18-01-2005, 18:22

C'mon, someone out there who could help my partner? Smile

By BiFi

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18-01-2005, 18:48

I suck at Kanji, but the katakana part says something like Gurieru No ...

Kind of Gurier's ... or ... of Gurier

Anyone who can complete it? Here's a screenie of the title.

By Guillian

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18-01-2005, 19:25

Holy Grial?

By evulopah

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18-01-2005, 19:50

I think it's Japanese Smile

By BiFi

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18-01-2005, 21:07

And all the time I thought is was Constantinopelese Wink

By pitpan

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19-01-2005, 11:48

Guillian: is it the Holy Grial? I mean, have you translated the title or is it a naive guess? Of course, for the lucky players that arrive to the final level, there is a grial.

I like it. Even if the translation is not exact, I will keep the name in order to update my game files.

By Sama

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19-01-2005, 12:54

It says 'Griel's Holy Cup' of 'The Holy Grail of Griel' if you like. Griel's most probably a name, part of the story. The kanji mean 'holy cup' Smile


Enlighted (5889)

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19-01-2005, 13:03

BTW, I made a level editor with set of new levels for this game back in 1996. Does anybody have it anymore, I've lost it years ago. Sad

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