Opinion about MSXdev'03 games

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By hap

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11-03-2004, 16:02

You know I need your help with that. Why haven't you arrived yet ?

By thinlizzy

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11-03-2004, 18:11

hahahaha Smile

By snout

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11-03-2004, 20:35

Ok, I'm trying not to be a BOFH here, but could we try and keep the thread on-topic?

By BiFi

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07-04-2004, 16:53

I understand it was not a good day to ask about the progress, march 11th and all, but I think we can kind of ask it now, since there was a release planned for the end of february and there's still no sign of it. I wonder how the game is progressing at the moment.

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