Nosferatu game

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By wolf_

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22-07-2005, 11:58

Well, let's say.. I've known ro & sav since ~half year before muxax2 already .. only sparsely did I hear about nosfertu, and when I brought on the topic on the phone, I only heard about the complexity of project and the need for a strong kernel.

I'd say, do the math Smile

I even dare to say that Fubsy is developed even further than nosferatu, since I could once run/jump around in a level, including a tune already. At least 1 Fubsy-tune is on muzax3 btw ^_^ (don't remember the playlist anymore)

A certain person here needs to get cracking, show some activity and finish those games Smile .. at least Fubsy ..

By Low_Profile

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22-07-2005, 12:02

when you release gamesongs on a musicdisk, it's usually an indication the game is dead Wink

we did it the other way around with Pixess... promoting it's title song on one of our musicdisks... Smile

though that theory does apply to 'Actual Reality' , a 2 player cyberpunk rpg we started on that never got past the idea/script-phase unfortunatly Sad (well and some of the music ofcourse) Smile

By ro

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22-07-2005, 13:27

True, releasing trax equals dead project.
I've got so freakin' much Nosferatu tunez left I could make atleast 2 new muzax series.

Yes, Nosferatu is from 1991/1992 or something. very old indeed. Actually the first contacts/ideas for this game was on one of the GENIC meetings in Wolvega..... thaz a long time ago! (genic later merged into Sunrise, in case ya forgot) Indeed nosferatu was in development already BEFORE/AROUND the time muzax1 release on Zandvoort 1992/93. I remember on the way back home in the train discussing concepts of the game.

When the project seemed to get cancelled, John Robin took his GFX to Jan van Valburg (MGF) who only wanted to code on SNES that time.
Next trips from John to other geeks are beyond my knowledge.
Still a project to finish ghehahahaha. would indeed be cool. Maybe Umax might be interrested. dunno.

Fubsy.. aah, yeah. uhm, yeah. I'm sooo willing to code for that project again but I just ain't got that much spare time u know. blaaaaaat. I know, I know. should spend less time on MRC and more in Wbass2 haha.
mzl, ro

By W76NearDark

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22-07-2005, 14:32

We got our hands on the nosferatu project but at that time Near Dark's motivation was below zero...

Who has it though?? Didn't you lost all the disks Meits Smile

Well, ro has it all Smile I only have some sources and maybe some graphics (I just can't remember)... Meits did copy them about a year ago if I remember well.

By Meits

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22-07-2005, 16:13

dunno where they went Big smile

By Meits

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22-07-2005, 16:27

Getting back to the fact that someone else should finish it... I remember those coders at our staff say that it's not that easy to code around in someone else's code...

The fact that the scene seems so big cuz a lot of coders get back here, seems nice, but really, most of them are here for the nostalgia and check what happens... Most have a lot of no time cuz the they got timeswallowing jobs and other people sucking on their sparetime...

If there's someone around who wants to finish it, ask Ro for the tunes and graphics, Wolf_ for some mapeditor (he makes one every hour) and code it from scratch...

By ro

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22-07-2005, 17:50

Ro 4 tunes? whahahahaha, LMAO. ahum, sorry?
first things first: fubsy... but we'll have 2 c.

By thinlizzy

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22-07-2005, 18:02

I shall ask again:

Is this project related to Nosferatu game of ZX Spectrum?

By Meits

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22-07-2005, 18:58

It's a Vampire Killer clone...

By Sonic_aka_T

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23-07-2005, 02:07

I shall ask again:

Is this project related to Nosferatu game of ZX Spectrum?We shall ignore you again Tongue

hehe, jk, as far as I know it's not...

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