MSX Windows 2000

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By sjoerd

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03-03-2004, 00:30

>>windows 2000 on pc is the best thing microsoft has put out on the pc besides MS-DOS.

Still windows is crap, but 2000 still is the best of the serie......<<

i agree!!!

i can keep my computer turned on for months using it. it is so better than XPNaah. WinXP rules. It's time for MSX Windows XP.

By anonymous

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03-03-2004, 01:39

Windows MSXP Smile

By BiFi

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03-03-2004, 07:59

Windows XP is the ultimate example of how to slow down a fast system even more... with all those useless features like full windows themes to skin up the looks, and integration of even more Internet related stuff...

By anonymous

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03-03-2004, 17:28

Luckily you can disable all that crap and end up with a very fast system.

By Thom

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03-03-2004, 17:41

XP works fine. Never had any crash. Speed is good. And I'm serious here, not cynical.

By thinlizzy

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03-03-2004, 18:59

Luckily you can disable all that crap and end up with a very fast system.

oh yeah! it is very good to get a S.O. that take hours to install and days to disable all the crap that EATS HD space Sad

and not losing the plot, msx Windows 2000 seems pretty useless because it is only a fancy GUI

By anonymous

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03-03-2004, 21:41

some people like fancy GUI's..


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03-03-2004, 22:26

some people like fancy GUI's..

Jeah, but it has so much bugs, that it even beats it's paragon...

Few notes:
- It is hard coded to work only if your boot drive is C:
- error messages talks about Win98
- All error messages are not english
- Music player will hang your computer in no time.
- Changing background hangs your computer
- Start menu always selects something

I can't say, have these guys been serious makeing this or is this just well done joke. Almost anything you do ends up to crash, but still it looks almost as you could use it. (???) Weird shit.

It reminds me of "BASIC extention" (Joe's BASIC ?) that was implemented in some Quasar magazine.

By Abi

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03-03-2004, 23:08

BRAk said: Hi !

I'm glad to hear this Abi ! Could you help me installing this software ?
Here comes my configuration:
Turbo-R GT with 1024ko
HD and Cd-Rom.
I tried to install it with the files downloaded on the site of the author, put them on MSX disks, install under DOS2 but I've got a green screen when the GT reboots...
I've also tried to put the files on the HD and install them from it but the result is the same.

Thanks in advance. Big smile

i have downloaded win98 and 2000 from the authors website.
1st i installed MSXwin98 on my A: partition without any problem.
i run win98 (A: win)and it works fine,
then i installed MSXwin2000 on my A: partition without any problem.
i run win2000 (A:win) and it works fine

Here comes my configuration:
Turbo-R GT with 512kb ( + 4mb extern)
Sunrise CF ATA-IDE (2*128mb)

i have this also run once on mu SCSI(Novaxis) interface and my 80MB SCSI HD wih same turbo-r GT.
But that SCSI interface and HD i do not use anymore because i have CF now.
If you want i will try to install it again on my SCSI stuff.
but if CF works, HD should work also.

hope i help you by telling you this Wink

By Apex

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20-03-2004, 11:17


Is that MSX Windows 2000 disk form Bas Kornalijnslijper's ad thesame MSX Windows 2000 as mentioned earlier in this thread ? Coz MSX Windows 2000 is developed from MSX Windows98.. Which was made by me Tongue a long long time ago.. in a galaxy far far away...

Is MSX Windows 2000 / 98 even still in use ???? That would be a laugh Smile

About all the bugs and stuff :

When I made MSX Windows 98 I combined basic and assembly. The original version was pretty much bug free, kinda slow (7 mhz recommended) and far from complete. But I wasn't interested in the project anymore so I stopped programming.

Then I got an email from the guy who made MSX Windows 2000. He wanted to continue my efforts and later on released MSX Windows 2000. He did some rebuild with it in combination with Nestor Basic or something.. Some turbo basic like something.. I did take a look at the programming but I couldn't make heads or tails of it. So it was out of my hands ..

A few years ago I was doing some work on my car when suddenly Rieks Warendorp Torringa showed up at my home with a bunch of japanese people .. He told them I had been active in the MSX scene as well and was the author of MSX Windows98. Well eyes started popping then.. I don't know why.. I even gave them all original disks of the program with full color label and stuff and they were very happy with it. Apparently my efforts were known in Japan even.. Not that MSX Windows98 was anything fancy or something.. just a little project..

It's pretty neat to still see people asking for it after all this time. So if you have any questions on MSX Windows98, fire away !

Greeetz Apex

--- Let's have a look see

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