MSX PDF Reader.

By popolony2k

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27-03-2004, 13:26

Anyone know something about a PDF reader to run on MSX machine ???
I'm asking this, because I planning build a reader to MSX (no with all features sure - could be called MSX PDF reader Lite ;.) ) and a PDF writer (not for MSX, but that generates a PDF compatible with MSX Reader Lite).

But if anyone know about a PDF reader for MSX, the question is resolved.


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By anonymous

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27-03-2004, 14:01

No, there is no PDF reader for MSX yet. It would be very cool to have one!! Big smile

Good luck with the project! Keep us updated Smile

By popolony2k

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27-03-2004, 14:59

Thank you,

I'll start building the PDF writer (because I can test with official Adobe PDF reader).

The basic features covered will be :

* Graphic primitives management ( Line, Circles, Rectangles, Points);
* Image management (bmp or MSX format);
* Text management;
* Link capabilities (Perform link to another part of document);
* MSX 2 (or higher) compatible;

I believe that this features cover all to do a "readable" document.

I'm accepting suggestions, but remeber, this project will run in a basic MSX 2, (with 64Kb and 128Kb VRam and floppy disks), then don't expect the same features of a software that runs on PC with 128Mb RAM and 80Gb Hard Disk.

I'll keep updated about this development;


By pitpan

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27-03-2004, 15:34

What about something like the FudeBrowZer but for V9938? HTML is also quite standard. Ricardo Bittencourt has done this html reader for MSX1 and also a True-Type visualizator for MSX. Perhaps all this could help you.

By popolony2k

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27-03-2004, 16:16

I've been thinking about Fudebrowser and how it works. About the true type renderer, well remembered. I'll take a look in theses projects and thanks a lot for your suggestion.