More japanese games?

By SLotman

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22-01-2005, 19:31

Today I bumped into this:

Several cool screenshots, but I cant understand a word of it :(

But some nice pictures from that page:

Does anyone have a clue about those games???

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By robertwilting

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22-01-2005, 20:16

Translation with Excite suggests fake/false images of MSX style games.

If that is true then there still might be some positive thing it seeing the quality of this drawings. It might be a idea for some coders who need some graphic artist to contact this guy and see if he's got interest in doing something.

By mars2000you

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22-01-2005, 20:18

All these games don't seem to be MSX games, but Famicom games ...

Excite translation of the title screen of the page :
"A false image like MSX is seen."

The end of the page explains the color limitations of the MSX system :
"@ urgent, special appendix @
Yoo by which Bo and I also draw picture like MSX- "

This link :
goes to a page that explains the color specifications of the Famicom system and refers to the MSX page with the false MSX pictures !

By Plínio

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23-01-2005, 06:11

SLotMan, see this too!
Have MSX Games with information and images! Wink