Moonblaster 1.4

By Maggoo

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31-07-2005, 11:45

Question: Is moonblaster 1.4 (MSX-Audio/MSX Music version) now public domain or is it still being sold ? In either case, what is the official distribution channel for it ?

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By BiFi

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31-07-2005, 11:51

afaik Sunrise is still the official distributor of Moonblaster 1.4.

By mars2000you

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31-07-2005, 12:40

Moonblaster 1.4 has been declared Public Domain and the source has been released by his author in 1996 or 1997.

By sunrise

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31-07-2005, 12:49

No Mars , on the millenium cd of mccm it is still copyrighted and I have not delcared that freeware.
Maybe I make a mistake somewhere. The source however, I suppose you are right !

By mars2000you

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31-07-2005, 15:00

It seems to be confusion :

The Engineer :"Well, all Moonblaster sources are released by Remco Schrijvers at the MCCM-CDs, so if somebody wants to upgrade the code to enable more than 76 patterns... suit yourself.

Only thingie... what about the license? Is an upgrade of Moonblaster v1.41 still property of Sunrise? What is the legal status of Moonblaster?"

GuyveR800 : "AFAIK, it's PD (Public Domain). That means you can do anything with it you want."

By wolf_

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31-07-2005, 15:13

By mars2000you

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31-07-2005, 15:16

The file MB14.DI2 on the MCCM CD Copyright section is actually the source of Moonblaster 1.4.

Excerpt from the readme.txt file :

"- You can study the source code to learn about MSX-MUSIC/MSX-AUDIO programming
or programming in general.
- You can modify and likely even improve the programs and make even more
incredible music.
- You can have a good laugh about the mess in some portions of the code ;-)
Well, since this is one of my first projects, replace that with *most*
portions of the code ;-)


All good things have some drawbacks. With the release of this package I took
the risk of getting loads and loads of MSX programmers rapid-firing all kinds of
questions at me about its contents. That's why you the following limitations and
rules apply to the use of this package:

1) First of all, the standard disclaimer. I don't take any responsibility for
any damage or misfortune you may have as the result of the use of this package.

2) It is NOT allowed to use the MoonBlaster sources for a new music program that
is sold or spread as public domain. You are allowed to create a new music
program strictly for your own use.

3) I will NOT answer any questions related to the contents of this package. So
NEVER bother me with programming questions why I put such-and-such a routine
in the program or other annoying quesions. This package contains everything you
need so if you don't understand it: Study hard and become a better programmer..."

By Edwin

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31-07-2005, 20:42

Rule 2 is the tricky one and open to interpretation. When is a program a "new progam". What if you extend a feature and leave the rest in tact. Technically, you can distribute it then as the same program. I have no clue what the intention was, but I'd bet that the licence will have left the door open somewhere. (Which is why people mostly use standardised licences where the legal nightmare has been looked at more closely)