Metal Gear for MSX

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13-10-2004, 00:40


Metal Gear for MSX
Cheers again to Gil Galad for the news.

A new translation project for the MSX release of Metal Gear has recently surfaced. Apparently, a fairly sizeable portion of the script was cut from the UK release, and this is enough to warrant a retranslation effort.

The script has been dumped and has been forwarded to Takamichi Suzukawa, the translator.

Update by: Gideon Zhi, 10 October 2004 11:41:56 PDT

MSX Japanese to English Translation Project

About the Project:

This is an attempt to insert a fully restored english script into the original Metal Gear for the MSX2. For those that know there was an english version released in the UK, you may be wondering why this is being attempted. The reason for this is that the UK translation is missing many (42% of them to be exact) of the messages that were in the Japanese original. These messages include item pickup notifications, Big Boss telling Snake what the items do, several comedic messages, and more.

The translation work was done by Takamichi Suzukawa and proofread by his friend Jon Taylor. This was back in 2003 as I understand it. The project didn't see completion then becuase a coder never signed on to do it. You'd have to talk to Takamichi or someone actually, because this is just what I understand to be true.

So anyway, I was poking around in my copy of MG earlier this year (probably bored at the time) and discovered some readable text. From this I worked out how the script was stored and the formatting of the messages etc. I produced a complete script dump of the UK version (I was certainly not the first to do so btw) and wrote up an introduction and posted it on (linked below). Being aware of the crippled and sometimes really poor script in the UK version vs. the Japanese one, I started to think that pehaps I could insert a translated script to restore the messages. I didn't do anything about it for a while (probably a couple months) and then on a whim decided to ask for help getting a translated script on's forums. Now, here we are.

Project Roster:

Takamichi Suzukawa - Translator

Jon Taylor - Proof-reading, etc

Nekura_Hoka - Coder, script insertion and font changes -

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13-10-2004, 08:40

I also noticed the Aleste translation on that site. The IPS-patch provided there is for the hacked disk version. The IPS-patch on the MSX IPS Patch Archive is for the ROM(-image).